Alert! Fantastic Fest 2015 Badge Info!



It’s A Volunteer Experience With All The Boring Parts Cut Out

"It feels like a week-long horror-geek summer camp reunion. There's no artifice, no pretense, no bullshit." - Scott Weinberg, Cinematical

Fantastic Fest is celebrating its ten year anniversary and we are looking for volunteers (18 years and older, please) for our 2014 festival. We need you to stand face to face with the celebs and the fans alike to make sure everyone—including you—has the best time that anyone has ever had, anywhere in the universe.

No other festival draws so many eclectic directors, writers, actors and genre film fanatics from across the globe, packs them into 60,000 square feet of space and mixes them all together with screenings, beer, karaoke, beer, BBQ, beer, trivia, beer, boxing and beer! And you can help make it all happen.


If you are interested in volunteering with us for the first time, you must be able to attend the Volunteer Sign-Up Session. Please note that volunteer slots will be limited, as returning volunteers will get first pick prior to this session.

• Saturday, August 2nd noon at the Alamo Ritz

Please fill in this form to sign up to attend the volunteer call

The Sign-Up Session will last about an hour and will answer all questions about volunteering for the festival. At the conclusion of the session, you’ll be allowed to sign up for any available shifts during the festival, so bring your calendars. Typical festival shifts occur anytime between 8am – 2am, September 17th – September 25th, 2014.

In addition to any shifts you sign up for, all volunteers must:

• Be able to attend one pre-meeting in early September – DATE TBD.
• Be able to attend festival set-up the week before the fest in September – DATE TBD.

Hey, What’s In It For Me?

Never let it be said that the Alamo Drafthouse would let y’all go empty handed. So, in addition to the time of your life and our undying gratitude, this year’s volunteers will receive the following:

  • Fantastic Fest volunteer t-shirt(s)
  • Free entry to movies during Fantastic Fest when off-shift (some restrictions apply)
  • Free entry to Fantastic Fest parties and events (some restrictions apply)
  • Free employee menu Alamo meal while on shift (please remember to tip your wait staff)
  • Invitation to Volunteer Appreciation Party after the Fest

Captain Level (Minimum 24 Volunteer Hours, including Pre-Fest Help):

  • Four free passes to the Alamo Drafthouse
  • $25 food & beverage gift certificate to Alamo Drafthouse

Admiral Level (Minimum 36 Volunteer Hours, including Pre-Fest Help):

  • Six free passes to the Alamo Drafthouse
  • $50 food & beverage gift certificate to Alamo Drafthouse

Grand Moff Level (Minimum 48 Volunteer Hours, including Pre-Fest Help):

  • Eight free passes to the Alamo Drafthouse
  • $100 food & beverage gift certificate to Alamo Drafthouse

This year’s festival takes place September 18th – September 25th, 2014. Keep an eye on in July and August for more information about volunteering for the festival and for links to pictures, blogs, articles and the like from previous festivals. And don’t forget to check us out on Facebook!

If you have questions before the Sign-Up Session, please contact