2017 Events

  • NIGHT BEFORE MIXER: Peter Pan Putt-Putt
    Each year, electrically excited FF-goers attend our official/unofficial night-before showdown throwdown at Peter Pan Mini-Golf. Festivalizers from across the globe, from decade-long veterans to FFirst-timers, are invited to BYOB and pick their favorite ball as they set out for 18 holes of neon dinosaurs, wily pirates and good good times. Peter Pan Mini-Golf is located just a few blocks from our home base at Alamo South Lamar, and it actually has a giant pink rabbit (you're not just drunk).
    There is NO WAY we’d kick off our megamaniacal 13th year without a bone-busting blowout to welcome the Fantastic Family to Austin. This time around, we’re rarin’ to rage late into the night... so you’d better come in your most mayhem-ready sleepover gear. In addition to the standard alcohol and DJ dance party wildness, we’re gonna get pillow-fighted and nighty-nighted with a PJ contest, board games, Sharpie face-painting, pizza and daaaaamn. No shirt, no shoes, no pants, NO SERVICE.
    “Transference™ is a psychological thriller and the first game collaboration between SpectreVision and Ubisoft®. Bridging the gap between movies and games, we invite you to lose yourself in the destructive tale of a man’s obsession as you explore his digitally recreated memories. Experience the limits of techno-psychology, and escape a maze-like puzzle concealing a corrupted truth. Get projected into the digital consciousness of troubled case subjects and maybe you will influence their fate. The game will be available in spring 2018 for VR and traditional platforms: PlayStation®VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation®4 system, Xbox One, and Windows PC.” Until then, experince the pre-release demo at Fantastic Fest in the upstairs HighBall karaoke room area between 10:30am and 7:30pm on Friday 9/22, Saturday 9/23 and Sunday 9/24! The demo takes about 30 minutes, and conceptually it lives outside the game, as a unique episode, and is also related to the game. It's a singularly off-putting and terrifying experience, but it will also enrich the game play in the future. There will be demoists available to aid players.  There are two seats available per time slot. Click below to sign up: CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT ON FRIDAY 9/22 CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT ON SATURDAY 9/23 CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT ON SUNDAY 9/24    
    Comedian Doug Benson (SUPER HIGH ME; LAST COMIC STANDING; CHRONIC-CON) invites surprise filmmaker and comedian guests to sit down, talk movies and play movie trivia games… while drunk, stoned or both! Come enjoy a HighBall cocktail, relax and laugh until your cocktail comes out your nose.
    The monster-murderous pre-pubescent attack pack is BACK! The actual heroes AND monsters of the beloved 1987 masterpiece THE MONSTER SQUAD are swooping in to FF to debut the first portion of their Squad doc... and YOU can be a star of their film. The footage shot at the fest will be part of the documentary’s finale, starring all of us pre-Halloween partying with the Squad at The Highball. Attending cast and creators to be announced soon!
    The American Genre Film Archive -- dedicated to keeping genre movies alive, and on the big screen -- wants to meet you in person! Whether you're a theater booker, festival booker, film critic or passionate moviegoer, join the AGFA squad in the Highball for snacks, lively chat and a short video presentation on AGFA's many daredevil acts of film preservation.
    Legendary film critic Leonard Maltin and his daughter Jessie are the ultimate movie fans. They love talking about movies, especially with people who share their enthusiasm—from living legends like Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, and Quincy Jones to such contemporary artists as Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Laura Dern, and Bryan Cranston. You’ll meet all kinds of interesting people and hear their recommendations of unsung movies you ought to know.
    From verbal violence to pugilistic pummeling, we have the rage you crave at the Fantastic Debates, where the burning questions facing the fan community are resolved once and for all, first with words, and then with furious FISTS!! Past Fantastic Debates have featured screen titans like Keanu Reeves, Elijah Wood, Michelle Rodriguez, Ti West and Joe Swanberg (with a surprise visit from Dolph Lundgren!), as well as a host of critics, bloggers, bruisers and movie maniacs. Debaters to be announced shortly… and brutally!
    Back again by demand of arguably the most unhinged attendees of Fantastic Fest, it's the second annual BBQ bike ride!! If you are interested in balancing the unhealthy scales of Fantastic Fest with a little bit of physical exertion, we're inviting a handful of cyclists to meet at the Lamar patio on Sunday (9/24) morning. Wheels down at 9:15 am and you'll be heading south all the way to Lockhart to visit legendary Smitty's Barbecue. The ride is 32 miles and you'll be riding at approximately 15mph pace. There's BBQ and beer at the end of the ride and we'll be transporting bikes back to Austin after lunch. Please RSVP here so we know how many bikes we need to haul back. If you don't have a bike, you can rent a road bike from Mellow Johnny's or Bicycle Sport Shop in Austin.  NOTE: seating and bike space is limited, so we're capping the number of bicyclists. Hurry and claim your reign on the insane chained meat train!
    Cinema's favorite father/daughter duo, the mighties Leonard and Jessie Maltin, is back at Fantastic Fest! For this talk, the renowned film historian and progeny will be teaming up with a longtime friend and fellow cinemaniac, the amazing Gilbert Gottfried! The three of them will discuss Gottfried's gut-busting decades-long career as "America's creepy uncle," and will tackle insane anecdotes covering the last century of movies! Legendary film critic Leonard Maltin and his daughter Jessie are the ultimate movie fans. They love talking about movies, especially with people who share their enthusiasm—from living legends like Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, and Quincy Jones to such contemporary artists as Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Laura Dern, and Bryan Cranston. You’ll meet all kinds of interesting people and hear their recommendations of unsung movies you ought to know.
    The most manically monstrous week of your year can only be celebrated in the most thunderous way possible. So in the iron-fisted mic-slinging FF tradition, Austin's live karaoke rock ravagers Karaoke Apocalypse will be bringing YOU onstage to perform the finest metal (and punk) anthems. Imagine howling like an elemental force while backed by a fully-armed five-piece metal/punk/chaos combo. Whether you want to rock like a hurricane, scream the number of the beast or live after midnight, the doors of hell are swinging wide to let you ride the lightning to your rock n’ roll nightmare. Prepare your own karaoke anthems from 10 to Midnight before awakening the beast!!!
    Presented by MONDO & Project raygun It appears we’re having trouble communicating with the antarctic research crew down at Outpost 31. We received a distress signal but we haven’t been able to establish contact since. We’re looking for recruits to help us figure out what’s going on down there. We’ve all heard the rumors of a major discovery buried in the ice but at this time we can not confirm early reports. We don’t anticipate danger but we recommend volunteers come prepared for any unforeseen events that may occur. You’ll be debriefed at the Highball. Join us to be among the first humans on earth to play Mondo & Project Raygun’s THE THING: INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31. SIGN UP TO PLAY HERE! We just added a few more times/seats; click below to sign up! ADDITIONAL GAME PLAY SESSIONS NOW AVAILABLE HERE!    
    Now in our third year, the Fantastic Fest youth panel brings together guest filmmakers and programmers with over 100 high school film students and teachers from across Central Texas.  The event is held at the new Mueller location to protect the youngsters from the full FF debauchery. Students and host Blazing Griffin will watch festival title ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE and talk to the filmmakers & cast afterward.
    Dynamic father/daughter duo, Leonard and Jessie Maltin, hunker down for a casual discussion about Elijah's career, from his early days as a child star to becoming one of the most visible actors of the modern age, and all the way to his recent adventurous turns as a producer, bringing the world indescribable gems from the genre underground. Legendary film critic Leonard Maltin and his daughter Jessie are the ultimate movie fans. They love talking about movies, especially with people who share their enthusiasm—from living legends like Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, and Quincy Jones to such contemporary artists as Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Laura Dern, and Bryan Cranston. You’ll meet all kinds of interesting people and hear their recommendations of unsung movies you ought to know.
    Our annual vulgar display of geek knowledge warfare pits the globe's greatest horror scholars against each other in a galactic onslaught of mental agility, verbal hostility and full-tilt brutality. Filmmakers, journalists, FF programmers, and movie megaminds collide in this no-holds-barred deathride of useless cinematic information. There will be beer on the floor and bodily fluid on the walls.
    The Alamo’s reigning alcoholmeister Bill Norris combines his love for creative beverages and the Star Wars universe in this searing display of interplanetary talent. Come sample the galaxy’s finest liquors in impossibly delicious combinations, guaranteed to send you to the Dark Side.
    After a week of delicious food and drink at the Alamo, what's better than witnessing a handful of contestants down increasingly bizarre rounds of food (and “food”) until only one steel-stomached human is left standing?! While we promise that everything ingested is technically edible, you’ll be seeing people eat things that were never intended to touch human lips… all in the quest to take home a very grand prize. Gird your loins and line your girdle for the most inhuman ingestion mayhem on earth, as we PUKE AND EXPLODE!!!  THINK YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO TRAP THE TASTELESS TITLE? SIGN UP HERE!!
    Since the dawn of existence, man has searched for answers -- and failed. But the fog of existence has finally cleared, thanks to the eternal fruits of Everything Is Terrible! Over the last 10 years, EIT! has reinterpreted our shared video history almost 3,000 times, collected over 15,000 Jerry Maguire VHS tapes, and forever altered the collective consciousness. Now, with their longtime collaborator Lucifer, Everything Is Terrible! will show us all who we are, why we are here, and what we should be doing with our paltry time on this planet. Your journey will brim with goopy ghouls, sexy serpents, creepy creeps, dumb demons, and of course Christian ducks. Join your Dadgods for this very special Fantastic Fest exclusive sneak peek into the unfinished masterwork that will soon become T H E G R E A T S A T A N. Please bring your offerings of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes to the altar when called upon. This is important.
    NERRRRRDDDDDSSS! Bring that beat back!! From the early nerdcore albums of MC Frontalot to the Epic Rap Battles of History and the entire careers of the Lonely Island and Childish Gambino, rapping nerds have become major players in pop culture. Now it’s your turn to show us what you’ve got, in the seventh annual Fantastic Fest Nerd Rap Throwdown! What is Nerd Rap? Simply put, it’s any hip hop beat paired with an emcee (or multiple microphone fiends) rapping about geek culture. Think you’ve got what it takes to become a Geek God of the Mic? SIGN UP HERE! First place prize: $300 Second place prize: $100
  • Doug Benson Movie Interruption: BABE - PIG IN THE CITY
    Rampaging comedian Doug Benson and a handful of beloved wise-asses respectfully butcher America's second most famous talking pig, BABE. By the way, did you know this movie was written by George "Mad Max" Miller? Life... it's crazy! Anyway, as the movie plays in full, Benson & company enhance/verbally abuse it, turning this perennial family classic into a knee-slappin' slaughterhouse of barnyard hilarity.
    As we slam down the coffin lid on the 13th year of rampaging FF hysteria, we unleash the collective beast in one night of blistering madness. This time, we’re kidnapping the entire FF audience and whisking them off to Texas’ epicenter of horrifying insanity. While we can’t announce the exact location just yet, rest assured it’ll be one of the most unforgettable nights of your life. As if that weren’t enough, we’ll be welcoming back the undisputed masters of musical mayhem, the legendary Itchy-O, who will be appearing at FF in their full, unrestrained, massive 32-piece form for the VERY FIRST TIME, spreading sonic confusion through the hearts and bones of everyone within a hundred-mile radius. Peel off your face! Punch a grave!! RIDE THE BLADE!!!   FOR 2017: Last year we had an unexpected influx of party crashers, so for this year, your badge is your ticket to get into the closing night party, and no plus ones, y'all, sorry. Non-badgeholders and non-staff will be turned away. FOR GOOD!