2017 Events


Internet video skull-rewinders Everything Is Terrible! bring their brain-melting, eye-shattering, jaw-dropping mayhem to Fantastic Fest for the first time with their latest assemblage of found footage nuclear mind-wreckery. Meet the pioneering archaeologists of the 20th century VHS ruins. They’ve torn the lid off clumsy yetis and 9-year-old Hitler impersonators, and even created a remake of Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain… assembled entirely from hundreds of scenes from different dog movies. Their live shows are a megamaniacal blecch-ride through the least traveled dimensions of sheer, undistilled entertainment.<p></p>From cat massage to Satanic panic to tapdancing computers, the EIT! experience is like nothing else in the universe, as they distill and compile the most hilarious/disturbing/unacceptable/impossible images from the past several decades and transform them into a 9000-ton bullet aimed right at the human race’s collective cortex.