2015 Games

  • Risky Bison
    FANTASTIC ARCADE PREMIERE Risky Bison is a game about managing the financial affairs of a herd of buffalo, from the creator of Fantastic Arcade favorite Enviro Bear 2000 and Desert Golfing.  This game is available for download during Fantastic Fest as part of the Fantastic Arcade Humble Bundle!
  • Wheels of Aurelia
    FANTASTIC ARCADE PREMIERE Wheels of Aurelia is a narrative road trip game set in the roaring Italian 70s. Half racing game, half interactive fiction, it tells the story of Lella, a restless woman driving on the roads of the western coast of Italy, the famous Via Aurelia. From the creators of Mirrormoon EP, FOTONICA, and VideoHeroeS. This game is available for download during Fantastic Fest as part of the Fantastic Arcade Humble Bundle!
  • Hellmouth
    FANTASTIC ARCADE PREMIERE Hellmouth is a competitive cooking game where players collect ingredients from a hellish death course and cook it to perfection to feed Satan. Created by Fantastic Arcade 2014’s BARFCADE host Thu Tran and her Cleveland Games collaborator Ivan Safrin.
  • Hoky


    Dev. Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman
  • Hoky
    FANTASTIC ARCADE PREMIERE HOKY is a minimalist local multiplayer game from the abstract minds of Kitty Calis and Jan Willem Nijman, with audio by Eirik Suhrke. A non-traditional take on the classic sport of hockey, HOKY bends the rules and intentionally avoids deep knowledge of the source material. Ignorance or a fresh perspective? There's only one way to find out! Up to four players grab their sticks and slide onto the ice, cheered on by dynamic audience AI and their personal lust for sports. This game is available for download during Fantastic Fest as part of the Fantastic Arcade Humble Bundle!
  • Gnog
    GNOG is about exploring giant monsters and their inner worlds. Each head is part of an interconnected world filled with tantalizing secrets.
  • CRAP! No One Loves Me.
    FANTASTIC ARCADE PREMIERE “My morning ritual is pretty simple: I check my phone and scream, 'CRAP, No One Loves Me'. Then I crawl into my coffin, it’s all warmed up… let’s go for a ride.” CRAP! No One Loves Me is a daily affirmation. It’s also a bobsledding journey into the netherworld by your friends Arcane Kids, creators of Zineth and Perfect Stride. Meet fellow teens at the Vape Shop. Pick a sick custom coffin. Boost into purgatory. Will the Baroness take pity on your lonely no-followers having soul, or will she grind your bones into dust? Is there a difference? Is there such a thing as relief? This game is available for download during Fantastic Fest as part of the Fantastic Arcade Humble Bundle!
  • Alea


    Dev. Paloma Dawkins, Cale Bradbury,…
  • Alea
    FANTASTIC ARCADE PREMIERE Co-created by Palmoa Dawkins, best known as the artist behind KO-OP Mode’s Gardenarium, Alea is a hiking simulator & experience of infinity, and a reminder of the endless light and dark currently occurring in all directions, at all times. Just don't die and you should be okay. This game is available for download during Fantastic Fest as part of the Fantastic Arcade Humble Bundle!
  • Secret Legend
    An homage to classic games with undeniable polish and style, the accompanying illustrated instruction booklet for Secret Legend describes it as “ ...an adventuresome TRIANGLE-SEEK set in that place just beyond the farthest you've ever been. To avoid damaging your saved game, remember to hold the RESET button when turning the power off.”
  • Beglitched
    Beglitched is a game about insecurity, in our computers and ourselves. In a pastel world of networks where nobody truly knows what they’re doing, hacking is a magical art and the notorious Glitch Witch is the most premium archmagi of the net. By random circumstance, YOU are her new apprentice.
  • Strawberry Cubes
    Strawberry Cubes is an experiential open-world game which uses a cryptic set of glitches and magical transformations to abstractly evoke the feeling of losing a family member to alzheimer's disease.
  • A Good Snowman is Hard to Build
    A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build is an adorable puzzle game about being a monster and making snowmen.
  • Hot Date
    A romantic evening of speed dating. With pugs.
  • Versnoof


    Dev. Kyle Reimergartin, Ian Snyder
  • Versnoof
    Fantastic Arcade award-winning developer Kyle Reimergartin and The Floor is Jelly creator Ian Snyder return with a game Reimergartin describes as “PARASITIC SYMBIOSIS AND PROPAGATION THROUGH PREEXISTING AMBULATORY MECHANISM”. We describe it as an experiment that will create shimmering mnemonic architecture in your mind, as you navigate a labyrinth using only your sonar-like extra senses.
  • Froggy
    In this ‘no holes barred froggame’ you frog as FROGGY, a seasoned frog veteran with a strong inner-voice but no moral conviction, surviving one day at a time on Armageddon Highway.
  • Shelter 2
    In Shelter 2, you play the life of a mother lynx, pregnant at first, giving birth and continuing in to a journey of parenthood where nurturing her four cubs is paramount for their survival.
    The TAMPERDROME COLLECTION is a suite of procedural generation experiments which allows you to create random dogs, islands, ghosts, cats, and other strange things.
  • Her Story
    Her Story is a fresh take on the police procedural from Sam Barlow, creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle. Playing like an interactive true crime documentary, the game lets you go hands on with a police database full of live action video footage, starring Viva Seifert.
  • Anamorphine
    Explore the past as you resolve the present in Anamorphine, a surreal adventure of rendered emotions. Journey into the mind of the main character, a young man in post-traumatic denial. His subconscious is pushing him to face his past or be consumed by it. Using first-person exploration with minimalistic gameplay, Anamorphine conveys the narrative through environmental storytelling as you delve into physical and mental turmoil.