2016 Games

    THOTH is a challenging twin-stick shooter with minimalistic, colorful graphics combined with intense paranoia inducing audio that makes for an exciting mix of art and arcade.
  • Daily Motions
    Daily Motions is a collection of lightning fast games about morning mundanities turned slapstick. From Jenny Jiao Hsia, artist behind last year's Fantastic Arcade selection Beglitched. 
  • West of Loathing
    From the creators of classic net hit Kingdom of Loathing, West of Loathing is a single player slapstick adventure RPG set in the Wild West. It has tons of branching narrative, turn-based tactical combat, and delicious character advancement. It's basically a stick-figure Skyrim with beans and big hats.
  • Armagad
    Get to know 2016 Spotlight Developer Nathalie Lawhead through her ever mutating suite of mini-games, ARMAGAD. "It's what the Internet does to people".
  • Burrito Galaxy 65
    The Cool-talking, Neat Moving, Slap Everything main-event that was only hinted at in 2014's Burrito Galaxy 64. This is an easy-going first-person explorer filled with delicious *swack*.
  • Oik OS Book I
    Oik OS is a dog opera computergame for Mac OS and Windows. It is the first book of a planned series about getting the household in order. From Fantastic Arcade alum David Kanaga, co-creator of cult hit Proteus, comes the first (we're fairly certian) interactive dog opera. 
  • Cryptark
    Cryptark is a 2D sci-fi roguelike shooter where you take on the role of a heavily armed privateer seeking to earn government contracts by boarding deadly alien space-hulks.
  • Duskers
    Pilot drones into derelict spaceships to find the means to survive and piece together how the universe became a giant graveyard.
  • Oases
    A psychedelic prop plane ride for a long lost hero. 
  • The Norwood Suite
    You arrive at the old Norwood Hotel, hoping to drop off a demo to the DJ playing in the hotel basement. Soon you find yourself thrust in the middle of a curious, memorable night of adventure, intrigue and the surreal.


    Rebuild a community by helping the Worry People confront their fears in this absurd puzzle-exploration game that takes place in a strange but playful environment.
  • Arena Gods
    ARENA GODS is a spectacle combat game of breakneck action, fleeting chance, and brutal consequence. You are a gladiator. Scramble for weaponry. Score for glory. Survive for victory.
  • Downwell
    Downwell is a curious game about a young person venturing down a well in search of untold treasures with only his Gunboots for protection.
  • Star Surveyor
    Star Surveyor is an exploration game about discovering a foreign planet and quietly observing its alien flora and fauna.
  • Inspector Woof & the Vegetable Highschool
    In The Veggie Highschool, every student is hiding terrible secrets... Provided with a freshly printed hints sheet, will you be ingenious enough to help them discern what is hidden in those guilty consciences and expose the truth?
  • nium
    From the creator of indie hit Downwell comes this mysterious game of exploration. “In nium, you wander around as a lost child.”
  • F2OGGY
    F2OGGY (Only one survives!) is a Brute-Force Frog-Combat Simulator, made for a growing audience of competitive frogfans. Each player is divided into a faction (a Frog-Faction), and must defeat their opponent using High- Velocity Amphibian Impact Lunges
  • Lassos
    From Dutch Indie collective Sokpop comes a game fit for Texas- Throw lassos, get money!