A Letter From Tim League To The FF Fam
April 06, 2017 | Tim League

A Letter From Tim League To The FF Fam

Tell your friends in NY and LA: support Nacho Vigalondo this weekend!

If you’ve ever attended Fantastic Fest anytime between 2007 and today, you know Nacho Vigalondo. He’s the unstoppable engine of the festival, the unofficial “mascot,” the man that embodies the spirit of everything Fantastic Fest aspires to be. He’s also a dear friend and an incredible filmmaker.

Back in 2007, our third edition, Nacho world premiered his debut feature TIMECRIMES at Fantastic Fest. The film won the Silver Audience Award and the Top Jury Prize of the festival. After the screening, we hosted the first ever Fantastic Fest karaoke party and somehow the unbreakable alloy of karaoke, Fantastic Fest and Nacho Vigalondo was forged in that mysterious late night dumpster fire.

Ever since that night, Nacho and Fantastic Fest have become permanently fused. We’ve managed to find some excuse almost every year to bring him back to Austin. He’s launched all of his subsequent feature films at the festival, been on the jury, boxed at the Fantastic Debates, wreaked havoc on the Fantastic Feud and sang more songs in The Highball than any man alive. Through Drafthouse Films we even released a compilation of his wonderful short films, CONFETTI OF THE MIND.

By the end of the 2007 festival, Tom Quinn, then SVP and Head of Acquisitions at Magnolia, bought Worldwide rights to TIMECRIMES and set the stage for Tom, Nacho and myself to reunite ten years later to launch our new distribution company NEON with his latest feature film COLOSSAL.

The primary mission of Fantastic Fest is to support the efforts of the best genre filmmakers in the world. Every year, we band together at the festival to gorge on the amazing genre films from across the globe. We spend the rest of the year trying to spread the word and build the audience for these incredible films and filmmakers. 

I'm writing today to ask for your support for the most beloved filmmaker in Fantastic Fest history, Nacho Vigalondo. Much of the success of a platform release hinges upon a strong opening weekend in New York and Los Angeles.

MY ASK IS THIS: if you live in New York or Los Angeles, please come out this weekend to support COLOSSAL and bring along as many friends and relatives as you can. If you don’t live in either city, encourage your friends there to support Nacho and his incredible new film. Share the word on social media and email, by text message and land line, or by dropping casual recommendations at the office water cooler or at weekday happy hours. Whatever megaphone you have to help spread the word about this weekend, we would love for you to use it.

Nacho thanks you; I thank you; Fantastic Fest thanks you. And I hope to see you all back in Austin again this September!

Tim League
Founder, Fantastic Fest


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