Announcing The Fantastic Fest 2017 VIP Lottery Winners!
January 18, 2017 | Meredith Borders

Announcing The Fantastic Fest 2017 VIP Lottery Winners!

Is your name on the list?

The dates for this year's Fantastic Fest will be September 21-28, 2017.

2017 Superfan badges - $490
2017 Fan badges - $375

Miss us? We miss you too! On February 1st, badges for Fantastic Fest 2017 will go on sale, and we're excited to give you the scoop so you can be ready.

FIRST: our VIP badge lottery winners. These guys (selected randomly from all previous badgeholders) will have the opportunity to purchase a Superfan (VIP) badge before they open up to the general public. You will be emailed a direct link tonight and will have until 12:00pm CT on Tuesday, January 31st to purchase your Superfan badge for 2017 if you so choose. All remaining Superfan and Fan badges will go on sale on Wednesday, February 1st.

These are the names of the folks who will receive a direct link to purchase a Superfan badge tonight:

Amber Adams
David Balota
Amanda Barnes
Adam Barney
Jan Barney
Christopher Boylan
Jessica Cargill
Russell Collins
Sarah Cruthirds
Alex Cuervo
James Curry
Ashley Davidson
Alejandro Egozcue
Emily Hagins
Taro Hanrahan
Adam Hartley
Sean Huntsman
Matt Kahkonen
Christopher Kaiser
Aroon Karunamurthy
Daniel Kerr
David Lackey
Ben Lewis
Sammy Lucario
Zachary Marley
Denis McElwaine
Gilbert Mendolla
Jim Miller
Andre Monserrat
Steven Nelson
Stacy Noland
Tony Nunez
Simon Ostick
Brittany Perk
Connor Pickens
Claire Posen
Celia Romero
Rodrigo Rothschild
George Samilski
Courtney Shamsunder
Alex Spivey
Seth Steele
Camilla Steiro
Crystal Tysz
Amy Wages
Hunter Wayne
Gwen Wiggins
Gavin Wilson
Andrew Wimsatt
William Yarbrough

If your name is on this list and you have not received your email by tomorrow, please email to ask after it. And congrats! 


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