Announcing The Fantastic Fest 2013 Location!
May 10, 2013 | Brian Kelley

Announcing The Fantastic Fest 2013 Location!

It's not South Lamar. But it's still going to be amazing.

The thing about construction is that there are always delays, even in perpetually dry Texas. While the hope was strong that Alamo South Lamar would be ready by September for Fantastic Fest 2013, the reality is it will not be ready in time.

As soon as we knew that South Lamar wouldn't be able to host Fantastic Fest, we began looking at our options. All possibilities were considered and scouted, from the upcoming New Braunfels location to Slaughter Lane to Downtown Austin. At each stage we weighed impact on our in-town and out-of-town friends and guests of the festival, along with each option’s ability to adhere to the core values and spirit on which Fantastic Fest was built. In the end, we settled on a space that allows us to keep the Fantastic Fest family under one roof while still providing easy access for Austin residents and hotels for those traveling.

We are excited to announce the soon-to-be completed Alamo Lakeline location as the home for Fantastic Fest 2013. The theater is situated off Highway 183 in Northwest Austin and will be completed this summer. It will have 10 screens, a bar featuring a large selection of beers and is located near several hotels. The theater will also feature a 35mm projector which will allow us to continue to support a wide range of exhibition formats.

Details are still being ironed out regarding an events and arcade location, as well as nearby hotel discounts, but we promise we'll figure all this stuff out, and we will continue to keep you up to date on new information. We look forward to all of our friends joining us on this adventure and helping us to make this the biggest and best Fantastic Fest yet!


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