Arcade Day 2- The Dancingularity
September 22, 2012 | Wiley Wiggins

Arcade Day 2- The Dancingularity

A DIY dance-controlled video spectacle and a blow out 24-combatant ultimate Spelunky Deathmatch tournament topped a great day for Arcade.

The fruits of the Adventure Time Gamemaking Frenzy- playable on a custom BMO arcade cabinet!

Today's panels started out with Erin Robinson's work in progress, Gravity Ghost, and proceeded through some developer oriented talks with Sony, Steam and Adobe, a talk with interactive art collective Kokoromi and a preview of the evening's party in planning, and then directly into bloody, bloody carnage as the Spelunky Deathmatch tournament gripped the whole highball. The winner was Vlambeer's Rami Ismael, who won an AMD processor, and the runner up was Tiger Style's Randy Smith, who won a stack of Fantastic Fest DVD's. 


We closed out Arcade for the night  with a collaboration between Kokoromi and all our feet:


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