Crazy cool Christmas Cartoon cereal party this Saturday!
December 06, 2011 | admin

Crazy cool Christmas Cartoon cereal party this Saturday!

Celebrate the greatest time of childhood: Eating all the cereal you want while watching cartoons!

Remember Saturday morning? The weekly apex of youth entertainment. Your eyes would devour GHOSTBUSTERS, HE-MAN, REN & STIMPY, and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS until it was finally time to change outta your pajamas and start bugging your parents for comic book money. All the while you absorbed much more than your RDA of sugar, carbohydrates and artificial colors from huge boxes of sugary delicious breakfast cereal. Then we all grew up and got drunk and started sleeping through Saturday mornings until all we had of those idyllic frosted Saturday A.M.s was the memories...


Because we're gonna bring you a 2.5 hour Saturday Morning Cartoon Cereal Party, and the only thing we're leaving out is the crappy cartoons. Just bring yourselves, and if you have a special spoon or stuffed animal you can bring that too. Pajamas are optional. Let me rephrase that: please wear clothes, even if you choose not to wear pajamas. Regardless, both the holiday cartoons and the endless supply of cereal will take you back to a younger, more innocent and - yes - stupider time. Note: This is an encore presentation of last year's smash hit Holiday Edition

December 10 & 24 - Lake Creek


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