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Daytime Only And Second Half Badges On Sale Now!
August 09, 2013 | Meredith Borders

Daytime Only And Second Half Badges On Sale Now!

Get 'em!

Daytime Only and Second Half Badges for Fantastic Fest 2013 are on sale now! These are an ideal option if you're looking for something more affordable, or if you're simply unable to commit to eight straight, full days of nonstop chaos. 

Of course, Fan Badges are still for sale, as well, if you ARE able to commit to 192 hours of relentless fun. 

Here's the scoop: 

DAYTIME-ONLY BADGE - $69.00 - The cheapest badge option is the "daytime-only" badge. Access to any screening starting before 5:00 PM, any day of the festival. This is the perfect badge option if you have limited funds, but want to sample and get a taste of some of the movies of the festival. We will be offering approximately 50 screenings at these early timeslots, and each and every film in the 2013 line-up will be something special. This badge does not include access to the evening parties.


FAN BADGES - $296.00 - Guarantees you a seat at all time slots during Fantastic Fest (just not necessarily your first choice film in each time slot). Most films screen more than once, so you should be able to see everything you want, with the exception of the high profile opening and closing films. We are attempting in 2013, however, to open up the high profile films to more timeslots/screens so that more regular badge holders will be able to attend. The Fan Badges also include access to all of the Fantastic Fest parties, including the opening and closing night parties.


2ND-HALF FESTIVAL BADGES - $119.00  - The busiest time of the festival is always the first half. The majority of the filmmakers, distributors and buyers are in town for opening weekend and then leave on Monday morning or Sunday night. The way the festival is programmed, we try to play almost all of the films in the first 4 days and then again in the second 4 days, so if you purchase a 2nd-half festival badge, you will still get the chance to see just about everything from the festival line-up. Good for any screening Monday-Thursday. 2nd-half festival badge-holders will be seated at the same time as the regular badge holders for the second half of the fest. The 2nd-half festival badge also includes access to all of the Fantastic Fest parties in the 2nd-half of the fest, including the closing night party.



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