Get the 2016 Fantastic Arcade Bundle!
September 23, 2016 | Wiley Wiggins

Get the 2016 Fantastic Arcade Bundle!


Want to bring this year's Fantastic Arcade home to you? We've got the perfect way! We've just launched a bundle of five amazing and exclusive games making their debut at our seventh-annual indie game festival, Fantastic Arcade. [ CLICK HERE OR USE THE WIDGET BELOW TO BUY THE 2016 FANTASTIC ARCADE BUNDLE ]

Thanks to our distribution partner (No relation to Itchy-O... we think), all proceeds from the sale of this bundle help us showcase more amazing games both here in Austin and a city near you, and commission more fantastic developers to create new games like these! Included in this bundle are all five games you see here, along with extras & bonus materials! Here is what you'll get:

niumrunningpastmonsters niummarquee

NIUM, by Moppin & Nemk

DOWNWELL creator Moppin has partnered with Nemk (one of our favorite artists working in games) to present NIUM: a post-apocalyptic action game where players will crawl through a ruined, abandoned, STALKER-esque exclusion zone inhabited only by a variety of mutated wildlife. (Windows, Mac)

2016-09-22-11_30_54 alphamarquee

ALPHABET, by Keita Takahashi & Adam Saltsman

Originally available only to select Kickstarter backers, ALPHABET is a slapstick marathon footrace for 1- to 26-players from Keita Takahashi (renowned creator of KATAMARI DAMACY & NOBY NOBY BOY) and Adam Saltsman (designer behind CANABALT & OVERLAND). Run, jump, eat, sing, poop, and sleep through silly obstacle courses! (Windows, Mac, Linux)

2016-09-22-11_32_56 woofmarquee


From Klondike — France's upstart super-collective of indie game stars — INSPECTOR WOOF & THE VEGETABLE HIGH SCHOOL is a procedurally generated mystery adventure game where every student is hiding terrible secrets. Armed only with your freshly-printed hints sheet, dig deep into their guilty consciences and expose the truth! (Windows, Mac, Linux)

2016-09-22-11_35_30 f2oggymarquee

F2OGGY, by Nathalie Lawhead

F2OGGY (Only one survives!) is a Brute-Force Frog-Combat Simulator, by the IGF-winning creator Nathalie Lawhead, made for a growing audience of competitive frogfans. Each player is divided into a faction (a Frog-Faction), and must defeat their opponent using High-Velocity Amphibian Impact Lunges. (Windows, Mac)

l-a-s-s-o-s_gif1 lassosmarquee


From SOKPOP — the the Dutch collective behind indie cult classics like the low-fi sci-fi exploration game BERNBAND — comes LASSOS, a game fit for its Texas debut: throw lassos, get money! (Windows, Mac)

GRAB IT! And stay tuned for a ton of talks, playthroughs and tournaments featuring these new game talents and dozens more as Fantastic Arcade events start on Monday! 


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