Fantastic Festers - Check Out The Overlook Film Festival
April 18, 2017 | Meredith Borders

Fantastic Festers - Check Out The Overlook Film Festival

There are lots of FF fam ties here! 

Next Thursday, the inaugural Overlook Film Festival - from the creative minds behind the Stanley Film Festival, and taking place at Timberline Lodge in Mt. Hood, Oregon, where exterior shots of THE SHINING's Overlook were filmed - kicks off, and we want to make sure it's on your radar, because this is one event that's definitely relevant to Fantastic Festers' interests. 

After all, The Overlook's Advisory Board includes our own Kristen Bell and Tim League, as well as Fantastic Fest Family Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller of SpectreVision and NEON's Tom Quinn. PLUS The Overlook Film Festival includes an immersive, weekend-long horror game produced by Bottleneck Immersive, who created our Satanic Panic Escape Room for Fantastic Fest 2016! 

They announced the lineup last week, and it includes such highly anticipated titles as THE BAD BATCH, LADY MACBETH, THE BAR, THE DWARVES MUST BE CRAZY, LAKE BODOM, MAYHEM, PSYCOPATHS and THE UNTAMED, representing Fantastic Fest alums like Rodney Ascher, Mickey Keating, Joe Lynch, Álex de la Iglesia and more! 

The special events are next level - in addition to the immersive horror game, they've got: 

THE CHALET, an immersive performance for an audience of one, 

BLACKOUT, an X-rated fear experience, 

MULE, a terrifying Virtual Reality event, 

TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, a live performance of a horror audio drama

and plenty more. Get more info and tickets to any of the above events HERE

And today The Overlook announced its opening night film and recipient of its Visionary Award. Akiva Goldsman and Jason Blum are bringing the world premiere of STEPHANIE, and Blum is sticking around to receive the Visionary Award and show his surprise favorite entry in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series. Get more info HERE

The Overlook Film Festival is going to be something pretty special, and we'll report back from the frontlines. Tickets and passes are still available, so if you can be in Oregon next week, make it happen!


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