Fantastic Board Games and Booze
September 25, 2012 | John Gross

Fantastic Board Games and Booze

Analog games and swanky dranks!  

In addition to all of the great video games that showcased over the course of the Fantastic Arcade, we also wanted to take a moment and recognize the good analog stuff happening in the world of gaming.  SO, we held a last minute Board Game Happy Hour at the Highball where it was scientifically proven that all games are more enjoyable with access to a swanky full bar.

Pop culture writer (and board game addict) Kevin Kelly hosted the first ever Fantastic Fest Board Game Happy Hour where an awesome Cards Against Humanity game ensued, Drinking Quests were had and one player found the dry land in the Waterworld the board game (pictured above and about $40 on Amazon)  Ok, maybe I’m lying about the mutant-Kevin Costner inspired game but the others were totally real and excellent and some of our favorite games out there! 

If you’re interested in finding out more about the original alcohol-fueled tabletop RPG follow them on twitter @DrinkingQuest.  The game allows you to chug and slay your way through Netherworld demons, annoying mailmen and even cat people.  The hardcore nerds that created the game were kind enough to support this Fantastic meet up with copies of Drinking Quest & Drinking Quest 2.  Cards Against Humaity has quite the twitter feed as well @CAH.  Hooray!

A BIG thanks to Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy, and BoardGameGeek for their help in making the event such fun.  Cheers to a bigger and better gathering at next year’s Fantastic Fest! 


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