Fantastic Fest Fave HISTORY OF FUTURE FOLK Gets A Release Date!
April 10, 2013 | Devin Faraci

Fantastic Fest Fave HISTORY OF FUTURE FOLK Gets A Release Date!

Find out when the scifi band movie is coming to a theater near you.

An alien comes to Earth as the lead scout for an invasion, but he changes his mind when he discovers something unique on this planet: music. He starts a band, meets a girl and settles down. But the invasion is still coming, and now only his bluegrass band can save the world. 

History of Future Folk was a big hit at this year's Fantastic Fest (read April's review on Badass Digest right here) and now it's getting distribution! Variance Films and FilmBuff will be bringing History of Future Folk to limited theaters starting May 31st in New York and June 7th - and the band will be coming to play at select screenings. The movie will hit digital distribution platforms - iTunes, etc - on June 4th. 

Here's some info from the press release:

“Unexpectedly finding a movie like this is the best part of working in film,” said Dylan Marchetti of Variance Films. “The script is great, the actors are great, and the music is absolutely fantastic.  If you only see one alien-folk/bluegrass-duo sci-fi-action-romance-comedy this year, this is the one- and not because there aren’t any others, but because this one leaves you with an absolutely gigantic grin on your face. Hondo!”

“A truly unique and trailblazing film like this is such a welcome treat," said FilmBuff’s Head of Acquisitions, Steve Beckman. "And as an added bonus, we have the privilege to partner with Variance and these talented filmmakers on the release. Come June 4th, audiences will welcome this alien home invasion with their eyes, ears, and hearts wide open!”

“We’re thrilled to have these two intelligent and innovative companies in our corner for this release,” said producer/co-director Jeremy Kipp Walker. “Our movie is a mash-up with a little bit of everything in it and it’s a joy to watch Variance Films and FilmBuff foster and build our audience in sophisticated ways from a variety of demographics.”

To find out where the movie will be opening visit the Future Folk website and keep abreast of all developments via the Future Folk twitter!


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