Fantastic Fest Will Be Featured On KLRU This Thursday!
November 26, 2012 | Meredith Borders

Fantastic Fest Will Be Featured On KLRU This Thursday!

Watch an episode of ARTS IN CONTEXT starring your very favorite film festival.

ARTS IN CONTEXT is a show on our local PBS affiliate (KLRU-TV, Channel 9 on Time Warner Cable) that explores "the process of creation through collaboration and the condition of living and working as an artist. By spotlighting visual arts, dance, music and culture, [they] hope to pique curiosity and inspire people to learn more about a subject, visit an exhibition, attend a performance or create and share something beautiful of their own and facilitate the dialogue between artists and audiences."

And guess what film festival they're featuring in Thursday's episode, titled "All My Friends Are Vampires"? 

That's right! Fantastic Fest will be in the spotlight Thursday night at 7:30pm CT, as Fantastic Fest co-founder and creative director Tim League stops by to discuss the ins and outs of that cherished FF chaos. Don't miss it! Watch the trailer below:

All My Friends Are Vampires Trailer from KLRU-TV on Vimeo.


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