GERALD’S GAME Hits Netflix In September
August 23, 2017 | admin

GERALD’S GAME Hits Netflix In September

Netflix, chill, kill your husband. You know how Stephen King is in the bedroom.

While the lucky souls attending Fantastic Fest this year will be able to catch the upcoming kinky Stephen King adaptation, GERALD'S GAME, at the Alamo Drafthouse Lamar, the rest of youse will be visited by the Space Cowboy come September 29th, once it premieres on Netflix.

Directed by Mike Flanagan (HUSH), the sure to be controversial erotic thriller stars Carla Gugino as Jessie Burlingame, a sultry housewife who accidentally kills her husband Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) while she’s handcuffed to the bed during the titular boudoir rumpus. Stranded in an isolated lodge with no hope of rescue, Jessie begins hearing voices and experiencing hallucinations, including a spectral figure she comes to call The Space Cowboy (TWIN PEAKS' Carel Struycken).Everything turns out great in the end, though.

If the movie is half as unsettling and problematic as King’s razor sharp novel, this will be one hell of a filmic treat. Early word around our own campfire is incredibly positive, and the author himself has already tweeted out a ringing endorsement. If true, 2017 is a hell of a year for King fans, with the upcoming IT adaptation (which is also getting stellar initial buzz), and another Fantastic Fest premiere in 1922. It’s great to have the horror master dominating pop culture yet again.

Note: This post, written by Jacob Knight, orignally appeared on Birth.Movies.Death.


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