Guess What, Kiddos? Now There’s An ABCs OF DEATH Children’s Book Just For You.
May 22, 2013 | Meredith Borders

Guess What, Kiddos? Now There’s An ABCs OF DEATH Children’s Book Just For You.

You read right!

This is amazing. Today Tim League and Ant Timpson, the producers of The ABCs Of Death, announced that they're releasing a grown-up children's booked based on the incredibly gruesome horror anthology. The ABCs Of Death book will have a limited run of 666 copies worldwide (obviously), and it also includes an uncut special edition Blu-ray of the film complete with 30 (30!) commentaries, behind-the-scenes clips, making-of featurettes and trailers.

The ABCs of Death is written in charmingly twisted verse from Terror Tuesday programmer, occasional Badass Digest correspondent, film producer and Destroy All Movies!!! author Zack Carlson, and it features original artwork from the great Stephan Britt. Here's a little tidbit to entice: "The ABCs of Death is a 56-page storybook guaranteed to entertain young and old alike with its hilarious, heartwarming tales of cannibalism, suicide, and life-or-death sex tournaments." My heart is warmed already!

Per Timpson,

"The idea for this unusual film sprung from a deep fondness of alphabet books from our collective childhood. A little digging revealed that the books had a dark history, and that many early versions were used as punishment primers. In a sleep deprived state that was all the ammunition required for an epiphany of sorts. How about creating a film inspired by the alphabet?”

So where can you get your grabby little hands on this book, kids? It's available for purchase at for $37. So save up your allowance!


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