Join Tim League For A Live Performance Like No Other: Silverio!
May 11, 2017 | Tim League

Join Tim League For A Live Performance Like No Other: Silverio!

On Friday, May 26, at Barrel O' Fun. 

This SXSW, I spent some time with Spanish filmmaker and king of Fantastic Fest, Nacho Vigalondo. Other than promoting his film COLOSSAL, he had only one other mission: to witness the mighty spectacle that is Silverio. I joined him for that adventure and was immediately converted, forever changed. Silverio is Nacho’s favorite musician. Now he is mine, too. He’s the only electronic musician that I’ve ever seen who regularly inspires a mosh pit. He’s the true heir to the 1970s punk aesthetic but clad in a red speedo while pounding out gloriously danceable, nasty, dirty beats. I seek out live music events that create a primal environment, put you in a state of euphoria and yet always keep you guessing and a tad bit nervous about what is going to happen next. That is Silverio.

Fantastic Fest veterans, I should only have to say that Silverio is Nacho Vigalondo’s favorite musician. Just parse that for a second. That alone should be enough to compel you to join me at the Barrel O’ Fun for this rare and delicious opportunity. It’s time to break in our new venue. What happens on Friday, May 26th will leave its mark indelibly on your brain and on the Barrel O’ Fun. If you miss this night, you will have only yourself to blame for what will be a lifetime of regret. 

- Tim League, founder, Fantastic Fest/Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Get your tickets HERE, and see below two music videos that Nacho made for Silverio, as well as a video portrait of Silverio from Vice.


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