Nerd Rap Is TONIGHT!!!
September 26, 2016 | admin

Nerd Rap Is TONIGHT!!!

Don't miss it!

Tonight we're hosting one of our fave events: NERD RAP!!!! Here's the scoop:

NEEEERRRRRDDDDDSSS! Bring that beat back!! From the early nerdcore albums of MC Frontalot to the Epic Rap Battles of History and the entire careers of the Lonely Island and Childish Gambino, rapping nerds have become major players in pop culture. Now it’s your turn to show us what you’ve got, in the sixth annual Fantastic Fest Nerd Rap Throwdown! And you can't have a rap war without an epic soundtrack, so DJ NO KID$ will be back wranglin' wax, poppin' the propers on the platters for the party poindexters.

What is Nerd Rap? Simply put, it’s any hip hop beat paired with an emcee (or multiple microphone fiends) rapping about geek culture. Now in our sixth year, the Nerd Rap showdown will be back at the new Highball again, and we’re keeping the competition and the audience open to the general public and Fantastic Fest badgeholders alike!

And we'd very much like to thank our sponsors Loot Crate, who are hooking up Fantastic Fest attendees with a discount! Read on for details: 

- At Loot Crate we offer up a unique monthly box of awesome for every fandom, enthusiast group and style.
With over 10 different themed subscription crates and 4 special edition crates there is something for everyone.
-We pack our crates with limited edition or exclusive geek and gamer items 
-If you go to and use code FantasticFest you can get 10% off your first order
- October theme is sure to be a scream--of excitement! Stay tuned for Monday the 26th when we reveal October's theme!
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