Report From Fantastic Fest Day 8!
September 30, 2013 | Meredith Borders

Report From Fantastic Fest Day 8!

See pics and video from the closing night party, the Danger Gods stunt show and the FF2013 wrap-up sizzle reel!

Well, we've all had a couple of days to rest up, hydrate and recover from Fantastic Fest 2013, which means depression has set in big time. I miss you guys, my dear, beloved FFers. I miss you bad. 

So let's revisit! For our final day we had the Danger Gods panel and stunt show, followed by the closing night party in the Lakeline parking lot. There was a dunking booth, a tattoo station, a slap shots competition (a new FF tradition!), a karaoke ambulance, a photo booth and one hell of a lot of debauchery. I feel assured that we sent FF2013 out in style. And be sure to watch the last video in this post, the sizzle reel for all of Fantastic Fest. You can keep it on repeat when you're feeling blue. 

(photobooth pics by Annie Ray. Other photos by Jack Plunkett. All videos by Arts + Labor.) 

We'll have more photos and videos to post over the coming days, so stay glued to the blog, Twitter and FB - and don't forget that badges for 2014 are going on sale tomorrow! Read more about that here


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