Report From Fantastic Fest Day 7!
September 27, 2012 | Meredith Borders

Report From Fantastic Fest Day 7!


AUGH it's the last day of Fantastic Fest! Woe is us. But we still have the FF closing night party tonight, which is going to be OUTRAGEOUS. In the meantime, let's reflect on the righteous fun of the past couple of days. 

Tuesday we took the filmmakers on an automatic weapons adventure. You can read more about that here. (video by Arts + Labor)

Yesterday we hosted our second secret screening, the absolutely extraordinary CLOUD ATLAS, with co-directors Lana Wachowski and Andy Wachowski in attendance! The film was a remarkable success with our audience, and Wachowski Starship gave one of the best Q&As I've ever seen. Look for the video of that tomorrow! (photos by Jack Plunkett)

We also hosted a screening of the work-in-progress print of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4. The PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films are always a huge hit here at Fantastic Fest, and this entry was no different. Star Katie Featherston and co-director Henry Joost attended. (photos by David Hill)

And we wrapped up the night with the righteous Welcome To HELLFJORD party at the Highball! We had a corpse-painting booth, stand-up by Drafthouse programmer Zack Carlson, Norwegian appetizers from Chef John Bullington and Norwegian cocktails from beverage director Bill Norris, and some bangin' death metal performances by ASSACRE and WIDOWER. (photos by David Hill)

Tune back in tomorrow for a report from the last day of the festival, and we'll see you at the party tonight! Read the reports from the rest of the fest: Days 1&2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6


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