Report From Fantastic Fest Day Five!
September 25, 2012 | Meredith Borders

Report From Fantastic Fest Day Five!

The Fantastic Feuds and Fantastic Awards. It was, you know. Fantastic.

Last night we hosted the Fantastic Awards and the Fantastic Feud, two events that are a ridiculous blast every single year. But before we get to that, some fun videos from Days 3 and 4! (all videos by Arts + Labor)

Watch the Best Of The Fantastic Debates video below! You can read about the debates here

Fantastic Fest employee Damon Jones was the defending champ of the Nerd Rap Battle (read more about that here), and while he came in second place in this year's skirmish, his entry was crazy crowd-pleasing. 

And see the Q&A from AMERICAN SCREAM and some footage from the amazing haunted house erected in its honor!

We started off last night with the Fantastic Fest Awards, a ceremony that is about one hundred thousand times more fun than most awards ceremonies. Recipients must chug their awards, beautifully engraved mugs that we fill with Shiner Bock. Or, in the case of Barbara Crampton, wine. Also Doug Benson just did gigantic bong rips because he's off beer for September. Shakey face champions were declared, beer was spilled and the stage was sticky with bock and bong residue. We finished off the night with a champagne toast from a recently sabered bottle of bubbles because we're classy.

The audience award went to I DECLARE WAR, the AMD Next Wave award winner was FLICKER and the best feature film went to VANISHING WAVES. You can read the rest of the award show winners here! (photos by David Hill)

And we followed the awards with the annual Fantastic Feud, a Family Feud-style genre movie game show hosted by FEARnet's Scott Weinberg. Team USA let us down a little, but we still love them. (photos by Jack Plunkett and David Hill)

Check back in every day for more daily updates from the frontlines of Fantastic Fest, and don't forget to check our Facebook page for daily best of photo albums and follow us on Twitter for all sorts of live updates from the chaos. Read the reports from Days 1 & 2, Day 3 and Day 4


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