See why #BorgmanRules
June 13, 2014 | Casey Warnick

See why #BorgmanRules

But don't just take it from us, Drafthouse Films or Tim League ...   

"A quirky study of the unrelenting grip of evil." -- Hollywood Reporter

"Sly, insidious and intermittently hilarious." -- Variety

"Borgman is a supremely controlled and darkly nuanced fable that veers away from your expectations every time you think you have it figured out." -- Austin Chronicle

"Borgman is the best movie of its kind since Kubrick's [...]The Shining"; "Smart as hell and unapologetically surreal"; "a complex film with heat"; "one of the most existentially chilling things in cinema this year."; "a deeply disturbing little flick"; "it is immanently recognizable and absolutely universal" -- Film Freak Central

"diabolically freaky suburban fantasy"; "Dogtooth meets Funny Games"; "[BORGMAN] is either the season's most sinful comedy or the drollest horror." -- Village Voice

"practically hypnotizes you into following along to the end."; "The craftsmanship is precise; the result is enigmatic."; "a creeping sense of dread, laced with darkly glittering jokes."; "Be forewarned that Borgman may give you nightmares." -- Village Voice

"exceptionally disturbing"; "beautifully constructed puzzler"; a "wry mixture of brutality and comedy"; "the hard, dreamlike shimmer of “Borgman” never abates"; "it will burrow into your brain and never get out again" -- Salon

a "dynamo of weirdness"; "part comedy of manners, part surrealist fable"; "destined for cult status" -- Vulture

"Whip-smart, inventive and often very surprising." -- Twitch Film

"A Dementedly Funny Drama and a Sinister Delight."; "damn-near destined to endure as a cult classic and high-point of contemporary Dutch cinema" -- Film School Rejects

"bizarre and playful"; "an engrossing and interesting film from start to finish"; "a visually arresting one that utilizes its secluded location to great effect"; "a wickedly funny and disturbing film" -- Bloody Disgusting

"Most Anticipated Summer Films"; "blackly funny"; "certainly one of the most fascinating and distinctive films set to hit in the next few months" -- Indiewire: Playlist

"moves past Boudu and Buñuel into a realm of black comedy so purposefully dark it’s disorienting" -- Film Comment

"arrestingly weird" -- The AV Club

"an unsettling, blackly comic fable" -- Screen Daily

"Provides a wonderful sense of unease"; "always two steps ahead of you,"; "There isn’t a dull moment in Borgman" --

"a perverse, nihilistic hybrid of Pasolini’s oft-referenced TEOREMA and Wim Wenders’ WINGS OF DESIRE" -- Fangoria

"compelling and unsettling" -- Oregonian

"the rewards are ample and the desire to re-watch will take over."; "awesomely bizarre"; "looks and feels like nothing of its ilk." -- Minneapolis Star Tribune

"a genre-bending film" ; "can be summed up in one word… whatthef***isgoingonhere" -- Dread Central

"it’s difficult to imagine anything that will be more striking and darkly funny than Borgman"; "shouldn't be missed" -- The Film Stage

"a flowing mix of sinister, mystical, comical, and metaphorical"; "a menacing sense of humor"; "a memorable film experience " -- Daily Dead

 "BORGMAN is rich with dark details and curious notions"; "Cult status will likely follow" -- We Are Movie Geeks

"like Luis Buñuel by way of Michael Haneke"; "There isn’t a bad scene in Borgman" -- The Dissolve

"is a nasty, insane, mind-melting and unpredictable piece of work"; "must see"; "nothing can prepare you"; "wildly ambiguous and whacked-out 'Borgman' is a creepy blast from beginning to end" -- Thompson on Hollywood

"What nightmares are made of"; "genuinely shocking" -- NY Post

"the film unspools with a nightmare’s cockeyed lucidity" -- Paste Magazine

"There’s no shortage of arresting images in Borgman", "engrossingly ominous throughout" -- AV Club

"freaky, fascinating"; "distrubingly funny" -- HitFix

"A quirky study of the unrelenting grip of evil"; "engrossing"; "bracingly creepy and off-kilter" -- Film Journal

"creepy, provocative"; "whip-smart, inventive and often very surprising"; "off-kilter descent into insulated evil"; "essential watching...for fans of DOGTOOTH" -- Twitch Film

"This is a story that will stick with you long after leaving the theater" -- Ain't It Cool News

"this is a film that demands repeat viewings." -- The Nerd Locker

"a fantastic example of how a slow-burn effort gradually reaches for the throat"; "frequently masterful" --

"draws upon the part-macabre, part-goofy dollhouse stylings of Jan Svankmajer, with shades of Terry Gilliam" -- In Review Online

"an accomplished piece of work, driven by a uniquely malevolent tonal balance and two fantastic central performances."; "the general sense of unease[...] permeates every frame of "Borgman." --

"one-of-a-kind strangeness"; "van Warmerdam’s unclassifiable film will grow on you like a fungus"; "There’s really nothing else like it out there"; "bizarrely unnerving and fascinating"; "a wealth of unsettling visuals to keep you on edge"; "Borgman remixes everything I’ve known about home-invasion movies" -- Complex 

See BORGMAN at Alamo Drafthouse or visit Drafthouse Films to find showtimes in your area. 


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