Sign Up For A Number Of Extremely Rad Fantastic Fest Events
September 11, 2017 | Meredith Borders

Sign Up For A Number Of Extremely Rad Fantastic Fest Events

The Feud! Nerd Rap! Puke and Explode! A barbecue bike run! Even MORE! 

GUYS! Fantastic Fest is in a week and a half, and the schedule is shaping up into its glorious, overly-stuffed self. 

And we'd like to draw your attention to some extra-ridiculous events that require some brave and beautiful souls to sign up. You will never regret participating in a Fantastic Fest event, even if you find yourself eating a pigs blood and jellyfish sandwich, because that's just part and parcel of the chaos. 

So here's what needs volunteers: 

THE THING Board Game Play
Monday, September 25, 12pm
The Highball

Mondo & Project Raygun present THE THING: INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31.

It appears we’re having trouble communicating with the antarctic research crew down at Outpost 31. We received a distress signal but we haven’t been able to establish contact since. We’re looking for recruits to help us figure out what’s going on down there. We’ve all heard the rumors of a major discovery buried in the ice but at this time we can not confirm early reports. We don’t anticipate danger but we recommend volunteers come prepared for any unforeseen events that may occur. You’ll be debriefed at the Highball. Join us to be among the first humans on earth to play Mondo & Project Raygun’s THE THING: INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31.

Sign Up HERE

Fantastic Feud Survey
Monday, September 25, 11:55pm
Alamo South Lamar

Once again, the Fantastic Feud returns to Fantastic Fest and this year we’re cranking it up to eleven!! Two teams of the finest cinema superbrains the world has to offer will get medieval on each other’s asses over round after round of movie trivia as the audience cheers for those with honor and jeers anyone who forgets the director of CREEPSHOW 2.

Controlling the strings of these drunken shenanigans is puppet master of ceremonies Scott Weinberg (Nerdist, Thrillist, ‘80s All Over podcast, FOUND FOOTAGE 3D) who makes no promises that anyone will leave the theater alive.

As always, we ask the genre film-loving public for their responses to the following questionnaire so the feud will be as fantastic as ever. Tell us what the survey will say and all of the festival will find out the results on Monday, September 25th.

Fill Out The Survey HERE

Puke And Explode
Tuesday, September 26, 4:15pm
The Highball

CALLING ALL FOOD INHALERS AND STOMACH DERAILERS! You're reading these words because you have what it takes to compete in the SECOND-EVER EDITION of Fantastic Fest's PUKE AND EXPLODE! Gross-Out Competition! So, sign up here and start steeling your organs for the wildest ride through culinary catastrophe. This historical moment in legendary lunch-losing will take place on the Highball stage on Tuesday, September 26th at 4:00pm. SHOW US WHAT YOU GUT!!!


1st Place -  $150 Alamo Drafthouse Gift Certificate

2nd Place - A very large container of Pepto Bismol... unopened!

** All participants will receive an Arby's gift certificate! **

Sign Up HERE

Nerd Rap
Wednesday, September 27, 11pm
The Highball

Hey nerds, rappers, and everything in-between! You're here 'cause you think you got what it takes to compete in the SEVENTH EDITION of the Nerd Rap Throwdown at Fantastic Fest! So, sign up and start practicing your best original nerd-themed rap to drop on The Highball stage on Wednesday, September 27th at 11:00pm, sucka. BRING IT!


1st Place - $200 cold hard cash, and the official Fantastic Fest title of Nerd Rap GOD!!!

2nd Place - $50 in Alamo swag!

3rd Place - $30 in Alamo swag! 

Sign Up HERE

Smitty's Bike Run
Sunday, September 24, 9am
Alamo South Lamar patio

Back again by demand of arguably the most unhinged attendees of Fantastic Fest, it's the second annual BBQ bike ride!! If you, too, are interested in balancing the unhealthy scales of Fantastic Fest with a little bit of physical exertion, founder Tim League invites all cyclists to meet at the Lamar patio on Sunday (9/24) morning.

Wheels down at 9:15 am and you'll be heading south all the way to Lockhart to visit legendary Smitty's Barbecue. The ride is 32 miles and you'll be riding at approximately 15mph pace. There's BBQ and beer at the end of the ride and we'll be transporting bikes back to Austin after lunch. Please RSVP here so we know how many bikes we need to haul back. If you don't have a bike, you can rent a road bike from Mellow Johnny's or Bicycle Sport Shop in Austin.

NOTE: seating and bike space is limited, so we're capping the number of bicyclists. Hurry and claim your reign on the insane chained meat train!

Sign Up HERE


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