Submissions for Fantastic Arcade 2013 are now open
June 25, 2013 | Wiley Wiggins

Submissions for Fantastic Arcade 2013 are now open

The wait is over, as the Fantastic Fest machine starts its engines, with the new Lakeline Alamo Drafthouse in its sights, Fantastic Arcade is now accepting game submissions.

Submissions have begun for Fantastic Arcade 2013 and will continue until July 31st. Fantastic Arcade is a specially selected power-pack of videogames presented during the first week of Fantastic Fest (Sept 19th - 22nd)  with accompanying tournaments, opportunities to meet the minds that created them, and custom old-school arcade cabinets built for the 'arcadiest' of the bunch. All the games selected will be accessible to both festival attendees and the general public for free, in a casual (if rarely 'relaxed') atmosphere of comraderie and love for games. 

Click here to submit your videogame creation to be a part of the event, and game creators and fans alike- mark your calendars for September 19th, when Arcade 2013 begins!

Correction- due to a Mayan calendar malfunction, the last day of Fantastic arcade does not fall on the 21st as previously posted. Also the world did not end in 2012.


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