The Ultimate I DECLARE WAR Capture The Flag Paintball Challenge!!
July 31, 2013 | Jon Stobezki

The Ultimate I DECLARE WAR Capture The Flag Paintball Challenge!!

There will be exploions. Flags Captured. And paintballs. Austinities – get pumped for this Drafthouse Films Rolling Road Show event.

War is H-E-double-hockey-sticks.

I Declare War, the Fantastic Fest '12 Audience Award-winning film from Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson, is a war movie set in the minds of its characters. It's a story of friends who play at war in the woods in their neighborhood, where the line between reality and imagination is its most tenuous. There, sticks tethered to soup cans become guns, and water balloons with red paint are grenades. For a general and strategist with as flawless a war record as PK Sullivan, the stakes are perpetually high.

In celebration of I Declare War's release on iTunes, Video On Demand platforms and upcoming theatrical release, Alamo Drafthouse is presenting a special Rolling Roadshow event where you can play war with General PK in an epic struggle at our capture the flag paintball competition! Following the battle, members of all factions are invited to an outdoor screenings of one of the best kid movies for adults since the '80s. Kids over six are welcome to join, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

As you'd come to expect from Alamo Drafthouse, there will be delicious food, dessert and beer on tap. And we'll also have a LIVE EXPLOSION photo booth!

Here's the mission briefing:

Rendezvous at Stunt Ranch by 1630 hours (13317 Fitzburgh Rd. Austin, TX 78737. That's precisely 30.231865, -98.001046, soldier)
1700 Hours - The Battle Begins
2100 Hours - I Declare War outdoor screening
2230 Hours - Q&A with film star Gage Munroe, directors Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson, and producer Lewin Webb

Tickets are available for the paintball event and film for $25, or the film alone for $10. For tickets and more info, go here.


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