The Winners Of Our Free Tattoo Lottery!
September 29, 2016 | Meredith Borders

The Winners Of Our Free Tattoo Lottery!

Hope you were serious about that tat.

We started sign-ups for our free tattoo lottery for the closing night party this week, and we're happy to announce the winners!

Tammy Metzger
Bruce Labbate
Paul Gandersman
Jacob Triska
Blair Hoyle
Tricia Janes
Gordon Jones
Dianna Koch
Jim Miller
Jim Self
Darren Smith
Scott Daly
Jarvis Mayhem
Emi Gomez
Tyler O'Neill
Deirdre Crimmins
Terry Flemings
Trey Hilburn
Felix Morgan
Josh  Emanuel
Traci Mondragon
Scott  Pepper
Michael Longchamps
David Lawson
Jason Coffman
Sandra Neveling
Mohit Jaswal
Jennifer Palmer-Lee
David Balota
Chris Swiderski
Christopher Kaiser
Carolee Mitchell
Brent Woosley
Steven Nelson
Rebecca Mooney
Ivonete  Carothers
Joel Simard
Maria Cruz
Bruno Corbin
Robert Sommerfield
Crystal Tysz
Jonathan McMahon
Nacho  Vigalondo
Olga Maystruk
Jaslyn Cantu
Tommy  Gisi
Tony Salvaggio
Mark Slonsky
Tara Wood
Jaryd Marsh

Winners will also be notified via email, and texted when their turn is coming up at the party, so you don't have to spend all night waiting in line. Congrats - now go get inked! And check your email for all the info you need for the closing night party. 


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