WOLVERINES! Mount Up For The Fantastic Fest Closing Night Party!
September 27, 2012 | Meredith Borders

WOLVERINES! Mount Up For The Fantastic Fest Closing Night Party!

Future Folk, DJ Smokey and Foot Patrol, DK Sushi-hosted karaoke, Torture-oke by the Badass Digest crew and hot shots of deer blood: it's a party!

WOLVERINES! I am so excited! Tonight is the final day of Fantastic Fest, and while on many levels, that sucks, on another level it means it's time for the closing night party! We have some CRAZY stuff planned, and I'm personally very excited to join the rest of the Badass Digest crew to host torture-oke, meaning that we will buzz your ass if you're no good. Choose your songs wisely, Fantastic Festers. 

The shuttles will leave South Lamar at 9:30 tonight on their way to the party at the American Legion Hall, so get ready! Read on for more scoop:


Update!  Austin's own loveable foot-fetishizing songsmiths FOOT PATROL have joined the musical line-up (including FUTURE FOLK and DJ SMOKEY) for the closing night! If that weren't reason enough to get a tingly feeling in your toes, we'll also be treating guests to a special appearance by the legendary DK of DK Sushi, who will be making mischief at the karaoke party upstairs!  After DK drops the mic, the Badass Digest kids will pick it back up to bring a new dimension in pain to our festival's favorite tradition with Torture-oke! Participants will have a shockingly good time as they perform for the Badass judges, who will be authorized to use incapacitating force on lackluster performers via transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

Fantastic Fest will transform the Austin American Legion into a maximum-security prison for the ultimate RED DAWN shindig. Prisoners will experience mandatory enjoyment from delousing stations as well as free prison tattoos and head-shaves. Executive Chef John Bullington will be doling out wild-game bulgogi, kimchi and piping-hot shots of deer blood while the uniformed detainees enjoy the musical stylings of festival favorite Future Folk and the mysterious DJ Smokey.

The closing night party menu is also here!  This is some pretty tasty-looking prison food guys:

Fantastic Fest Closing Night Menu



Steamed and fried dumplings of  lamb, glass noodle or tofu kimchi with deer blood sauce

Korean taco - pork or mushroom bulgogi wrapped in corn tortilla with kimchi, chile sauces


Korean Fries
Fried Potato tossed in peppers with cilantro scallion mayo, chile sauce

Korean sushi, rice, egg, carrot, cucumber, radish, spinach, crawfish


Korean fried rice

The party will kick off at the American Legion Hall (located at 404 Atlanta at the intersection of Mopac and Lake Austin Boulevard, right behind Run Tex) at 10pm.  For those in need of transportation, shuttles and buses will begin loading at the Alamo South Lamar at 9:30pm.

PLEASE NOTE: This event will be open only to Fantastic Fest badgeholders.


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