2014 Projects and Works-in-Progress

  • The Darkness of the Road
    On a desolated road, in the middle of the night, a single mother (Siri) and a mysterious hitchhiker desperately search for Siri's missing daughter as the world around them turns into a hellish nightmare woven in blood and sin.
  • Eat Me

    Eat Me

    dir. David Michan
    prod. Deborah Calla
  • Eat Me
    When a successful New York food critic travels to Rio de Janeiro his sadistic desires make him lose himself in the sexual murderous underbelly of that city until he meets a beautiful woman who reveals his true identity.
  • Fierce


    dir. Francisco Lorite
    prod. Freddy Rodriguez, Francisco Lorite, Bill Winett, Patrick Juarez, Patricia Dios
  • Fierce
    A violent thriller about a the author of a long-running series of violent pulp novels and the mysterious man who swore to get even with him.
  • The Gray Beyond

    The Gray Beyond

    dir. Alejandro Fernandez Almendreas
    prod. Augusto Matte, Kousuke Ono
  • The Gray Beyond
    Even when everything around is ending we would remain forever the same, humans.
  • Havana: Vampire Territory
    Havana, 1994. The Cuban community of vampires has decided to ration the human blood as a measure to counter the economic crisis in the island. Carlos, an inexperienced vampire, must stop the killing started by the fearful Max in his insatiable bloodlust.
  • Hurt


    dir. Pablo Proenza
    prod. Erin Ploss-Campoamor
  • Hurt
    Hurt is a supernatural thriller about an Iraq war veteran who can’t feel pain and the woman who helps him hurt again.
  • Invunche


    dir. Rodrigo Susarte
    prod. Josefina Undurraga, Florencia Larrea
  • Invunche
    At an isolated construction site in the south of Chile, Aniceto Martínez’ past comes back for eerie revenge in the shape of a terrifying mythological being: the Invunche.
  • Lunik 3

    Lunik 3

    dir. Antonio Zavala Kugler
    prod. Victor Zavala Kugler, Anna Roth
  • Lunik 3
    Did a Mexican agent heat up the Cold War?
  • Offspring


    dir. Federico Durán
    prod. Diana Narvaez, Federico Durán
  • Offspring
    In a couple of hours in a high society high school, this psychological thriller unfolds, where a teenager’s vengeance turns into a rescue operation, and a squad with their finger on the trigger will have to judge who’s the victim and who the aggressor.
  • Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem
    The New Testament meets Mad Max.
  • Remora


    prod. Juan Pablo Pires, Fernando Sirrani
  • Remora
    Prophecies state that we are going to find our fate. The voices say the day will come when we stop running away. But the future is uncertain and fear is growing among our people.
  • Rogue (Reo)

    Rogue (Reo)

    dir. Emiliano Romero
    prod. João Fleck, Nicolas Tonsho
  • Rogue (Reo)
    Born chemically irrestistible, this tango singer is the ultimate assassin.
  • The Shadowdwellers
    Halloween is fast approaching in the town of Beacon Hill and with that comes the arrival of masked, childlike trouble-makers whose intentions are more sinister than juvenile pranks.
  • The Shore

    The Shore

    dir. Juan Felipe Orozco
    prod. Alexis Fridman, Fernando Rovzar
  • The Shore
    A troubled socialite will face her darkest fears when she uncovers a mystery that has been buried for 30 years.
  • The Turned
    Life sucks when you are in the shadows.
  • The Waking Hours

    The Waking Hours

    prod. Pablo González, Ignacio García Cucucovich, Gustavo Hernández Ibáñez
  • The Waking Hours
    Muriel Hume, an occult arts practitioner allied to a powerful creature, uses a family as bait to capture a great spirit that resides inside an old house.