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2015 Projects and Works-in-Progress

  • Amateurs


    dir. Santiago Cendejas
    prod. Gerardo Naranjo, Vanessa Perez
  • Amateurs
    Amateurs is a point of view horror film, seen through the lens of a group of amateur pornographers working for a doomsday cult.
  • Bandit Heroes (Heroes Bandidos)
    An angry and out of control young businessman, who wants to rob the ambitious man who killed his father, joins a peculiar band of bank robbers that steals from the rich to give to the poor.
  • Becoming an Action Hero
    An aging Hollywood B-lister and a prominent Mexican producer battle past failures and personal shortcomings to help a promising young actor become Mexico's first action hero.
  • Blood Tissue (Tejido con Sangre)
    A cowardly candy salesman must face a Mexican vampire cartel assassin for the love of his own wife.
  • Demon Driven (Endemoniados)
    A group of friends unleash a demon while partying on a wild night, and even though they are totally high and wasted, they have to become improvised exorcists to save their lives.
  • Desalmados


    dir. Armando Fonseca, Raphael Borghi
    prod. Kapel Furman
  • Desalmados
    In his fortress, Rex controls strictly the scarce resources of survival, particularly medicines that are left in the world after the global tragedy.
  • The Dump (El Vertedero)

    The Dump (El Vertedero)

    dir. Fernando Montes de Oca, Xavier Sánchez Mercado
    prod. Isaac Ezban, Miriam Mercado, Amapola Rosillo
  • The Dump (El Vertedero)
    A psychotic old man, living in a garbage dump, resorts to animal and human sacrifices, to control an "imaginary" demonic being living below the mountains of waste.
  • El Gigante

    El Gigante

    dir. Gigi Saul Guerrero
    prod. Raynor Shima, Paulina Trujillo
  • El Gigante
    A deranged maniac in a Luchador mask named El Gigante who wrestles his prey to the mat in a grisly entertainment ritual of thrill-packed culinary prep for his cannibalistic family.
  • Kiken


    dir. Carlos Ameglio
    prod. Mariana Secco
  • Kiken
    Can you save your relationship in a mutant-infested town?
  • Paradise Hills (Colina Paraíso)
    In an undefined future, Uma lives in a society obsessed with a social network that connects young women with rich men. Marriages are no longer about love, but about feeding monsters.
  • The Trace (O Rastro)
    One man struggling for answers. One man haunted by the truth. By following THE TRACE, what separates them in life will bring them together in death.
  • The Wolf’s Breath (El Aliento del Lobo)
    She doesn’t know why she came back; but they know what it means. It’s the call of the blood…. She is not welcome. The machetes are waiting.
  • The Yellow Night (A Noite Amarela)
    THE YELLOW NIGHT is a spiritual slasher, a teen movie about fearing the future and disappearance, the unknown, the dark and death.