2017 Projects and Works-in-Progress


Camila, a tormented woman by the Evil, will discover that only through faith and spirit strength, she will find the power to face it and beat it.


Camila is a plastic artist that just got over a tough psychiatric episode. Antonio, her husband, is a Mexican investor who wants to develop a tourism project in the Calima Lake, Valle del Cauca. Wanting to let go the painful past, Antonio decides to take Camila and their little son Santiago, to live in this beautiful place and acquires a simple but pretty house where they go with a lot of illusions. Quickly the family realizes that things won’t be as easy as they thought. On one side, some members of the community are against Antonio’s project and. On the other side,Camila and Santiago discover a forest in the property with a place that seems to be used for profane rituals. This fact will unchain serious events that will weaken the family’s stability, because for Antonio, those are maneuvers against his tourism project. For Camila, this is about an evil being.

Status: Development
Shooting Locations: Colombia