Alert! Fantastic Fest 2015 Badge Info!

Fantastic Fest 2012 AMD Next Wave Award

Not for the faint of heart... when you win an award at Fantastic Fest you better be ready for a shotgun-blast of appreciation to the face. Strap on your drinking horns and join us for a night of ceremonial tomfoolery. Awards will be given for best shakeyface, best bumper, best shorts, best features, audience awards and the AMD Next Wave award. Our awards are beer mugs that come full, so winners need to arrive thirsty.

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  • Special Intro by Errol Morris for THE UNKNOWN KNOWN
    He's a natural for the Badass Hall of Fame. After all, he's the guy who made Werner Herzog eat his shoe. And he's the guy who invented the Interrotron, an interview system that allows his subjects to maintain eye contact with him while still looking directly into the camera lens. He helped get a man off Death Row with The Thin Blue Line. And most of all Errol Morris has spent his whole career following his own path and his own vision, telling the stories that spoke to him most personally.
  • The Fantastic Corpse - Day Two - Nacho Vigalondo
    It's day two of The Fantastic Corpse Project, the short film powered by Dell Precision Workstations and AMD FirePro technology. Day two began with Fantastic Fest favorite Nacho Vigalondo. With only the first minute Oren came up with the day before - Nacho launched head first into writing, directing and producing his minute of the film in 4 short hours. Be sure to check out to see the finished film after the Fantastic Fest award ceremony on Sept. 24th.
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