The European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation

The European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation

Fantastic Fest is a supporting member of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (EFFFF) which is composed of 20 festivals—on the European continent as well as in Asia and North-America—with a joint audience of approximately 600,000 spectators.

EFFFF has developed a tight network of festivals, becoming one of the most powerful tools to promote the originality and creativity of the European fantasy film industry. This allows films to reach foreign audiences more easily and offers them a potential visibility among the public, press and professionals that it cannot find in film markets.

With the objective of supporting European fantastic cinema artistically and economically, the EFFFF has created the Golden Méliès Competition for Best European Fantastic Film.

This unique competition, open to feature films and short films, is co-organised by all the European members of the Federation. The films selected in this competition are promoted at the major film markets and at each of the festivals.

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