Ticketing and Box Office

Ticketing and Box Office

Hello Fantastic Fest 2019 Badge Holders!!

Our ticketing website allows badge holders to easily select their preferred picks for each round of screenings for the next day’s schedule of films. All authorized badge holders can log into the ticketing website from any computer or smartphone and navigate its super-easy-to-use dropdown menus to select their films. Using our ticketing software is the only way to be assigned tickets for the following day’s films. 

Each day, between midnight and 2:00pm, you will log into your ticketing account through the ticketing website and rank the films each round based on which films you want to see the most.  For example if you want to see SECRET SCREENING so bad you can't stand it, make that #1, rank the other films for that round by order of preference. Do this for each round and you're done. If you leave ANY field blank, you risk not getting a ticket at all; fill everything out.

From there the website uses your preferences to randomly generate your tickets for the day.  If you signed up for films during a round, you will receive a ticket to a film out of your choices.  More often than not you will get your first pick, but, based on seats available, you may end up with tickets to one of your other choices. By 10pm each night, you will be able to access your film schedule in your ticketing account where you can see your film assignments, theater numbers and the boarding group for the next day.

You will go through this process each day of the festival for the next day’s films.

TICKETING ACCESS: All registered badges will receive ticketing access via email on Monday, September 17th right before you gain access to day one ticketing.

Tickets for Opening Night, Thursday, September 20th, will be open as of MONDAY September 16th and will close at 2:00pm on Wednesday the 18th. This is to give everyone a few days to lock in their choices in order to accommodating those traveling. After that, it will revert to the schedule mentioned above.

SWAPS, TICKET RETURNS, & UNASSIGNED ROUNDS: In your ticketing account, next to your active film assignments, you will see a “relinquish tickets” button, a "swap tickets" button and a "get tickets" button. These operate as you'd expect.

  • If you can't make a show anymore, click the relinquish button which kicks that ticket back into the available pool for someone else to grab.
  • If you didn't get the film you wanted, log in and look at what’s available - you can see the number of tickets available to each show!! Click the "swap ticket" to swap what you have for what you want if there's one available.
  • "Get ticket" will only appear if you slept past 2pm and missed out on getting any assignments at all. Log in and click the "get ticket" button and you have access to all the leftover seats available.


  • If you miss the ticketing window you are NOT guaranteed a seat to anything in any round for that day. You snooze, you lose.
  • You can swap and relinquish as many times as you want for as many rounds as you want up to one hour prior to the show you are trying to get a ticket for.
  • Since there are no paper tickets, be sure you pay attention to your theater number and boarding group on your assignments.

DAY OF SHOW: All badges are barcoded and linked to your ticketing account. There are no paper tickets. When the digital displays in the lobby and courtyard indicate your film AND boarding group are seating, make your way to the theater. There, a volunteer will scan your badge and you’re in! If you are in the wrong place, the scanners will tell us where you are supposed to be and our staff will help you get to the right place.

NEW TO FANTASTIC FEST? If you are new to the festival and all of this just blew your mind, don't worry. The best part about Fantastic Fest is that we all take care of each other. If you get confused, aren't sure if it's working right or just have questions, please stop by the general information booth at the box-office and someone can help you.

WALK UP TICKETS FOR NON-BADGE HOLDERS: If you wish to attend a screening during the festival but do not have a badge, we often have walk up tickets available prior to the start of the film: These tickets are not released to non-badge holders until 10 minutes prior to the start time to ensure all badge holders are able to access the screenings first.  Walk up tickets will be $10 each and can be purchased at the box office.  Please note that larger titles such as opening and closing night films will not have walk up tickets available.