2018 Events


The ocean has Jaws. The sky has the birds. The dirt has... well, GRABOIDS!

Join Scripts Gone Wild, in all our Fantastic Fest glory, as we celebrate the brilliantly wonderful 1990 horror/adventure classic, TREMORS. It's got everything you want in a film: Kevin Bacon oozing his unique brand of charm, Fred Ward showing us new and exciting ways to use profanity, and Reba McEntire blasting a 90-gauge elephant gun.

SCRIPTS GONE WILD is a roving script-reading series where we take a group of unsuspecting celebs, filmmakers and influencers, put a movie script and a drink in their hands... and see what happens! It's a pure-hearted celebration of the films we adore, lovingly obliterated in a chaotic meltdown of entertainment! Join us for a riotous good time where classics are massacred, scripts are rarely finished, and audiences are left pondering the most important mysteries of the universe.