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2016 Film


Brief Summary

Sophia is a determined young woman who hires a weird occultist to perform a ritual which will risk not only their lives and souls, but also the very essence of their being.

Full Description

The unusual story of a single black magic ritual that takes place over the course of six months, A Dark Song heralds the arrival of an unusual and unique voice within the horror genre.

Sophia, her heart black with grief, hires occultist Joseph Solomon to conduct a black magic ritual; one that will take 6 months to complete. Holed up in a remote house, the two must prepare meticulously. Solomon warns her that the consequences will be deadly if his instructions are not followed down to the letter.

The two start the long, winding process with only a line of salt around the house for protection. Solomon is clear: no matter how bad everything gets, they must not cross the line or all will be lost…

Best experienced knowing as little as possible, this debut from Liam Gavin is a clever puzzle box of a film that is bound to frighten and astound in equal measure. Making the most of his single location setting, Gavin tasks his two brilliant actors in creating a world of the unknown that is part drab reality and part unknown horror. Coupled with an audacious, unnerving soundtrack, the film deftly explores the limits we are willing to go to to get what we want, regardless of the sacrifices we make along the way.

Mix all this with perhaps the most audacious ending in any film this year and what you have is a masterly concoction worthy of the genre’s greatest creators. Miss at your own peril. (Evrim Ersoy)