2013 Film

Brief Summary

Derek and Clif, best friends documenting their journey across the world, are in for an unexpected adventure when one of them comes down with a sinister sickness.

Full Description

Directors Clif Prowse and Derek Lee LIVE in attendance!

Committed to a life-changing, world-traversing adventure, Derek and Clif set out armed with a collection of video cameras meant to document the trip online for their friends and family. Kicking off with the giddy excitement of a new journey started, the pair explore their freedom by partying and flirting with the local ladies. Even when a one-night-stand-to-be leaves Derek wounded and lacking any memory of the encounter, the friends push forward, not willing to let one bizarre incident ruin their dream vacation. However, things become progressively more grim as Derek weakens and becomes sick. As he starts to change in less subtle ways, it’s with a mixture of cautious excitement and escalating dread that the pair continue to document the developing illness.

AFFLICTED is a welcome breath of fresh air in the found footage arena. It combines a cleverly evolving story with exciting, inventive imagery capturing Derek’s plight in a way that makes sense. The plot consistently surprises, just when you think you know where it is going, you discover it has something else up its sleeve. Derek and Clif (played by directors Derek Lee and Clif Prowse) are likable characters and react in identifiable ways as their excitement and curiosity turns to dread. Yours will too as AFFLICTED isn’t just great found footage; it’s an excellent and immensely enjoyable horror film rife with originality. (Brian Kelley)