2013 Film

Brief Summary

A man who disappeared under mysterious circumstances returns to wreak havoc upon a small town.

Full Description

Director Joe Begos, Producer / Actor Josh Ethier, Actor Graham Skipper, and Jon Killoran  LIVE in attendance!

The year is 1987. Seth Hampton (Graham Skipper) and Mark Fisher (Josh Ethier, who also edited the film) are the best of friends. After a mysterious blue light consumes their home, Mark disappears. The entire town—including Mark's girlfriend Jen (Vanessa Leigh)—suspect that Seth had something to do with Mark's disappearance. A few years later, Mark suddenly reappears. He is not the same person.

ALMOST HUMAN is the feature-length debut of Joe Begos. Here, Begos mines a deep vein of influences—John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, and Jeff Lieberman all come to mind—to craft a razor-sharp horror film brings the best aspects of ‘80s horror forward into 21st century. ALMOST HUMAN boasts a proper balance between plot, characterization, and visceral shocks. The setup is careful and deliberate. The atmosphere of small town dread and paranoia is palpable. The mysterious threat that drives the plot is skillfully teased throughout. Once the nature of that threat is revealed, the film transitions into flurry of action, violence and mayhem.(Rodney Perkins)