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2015 Film

Brief Summary

It’s a quiet night on the beat for a mobile unit of Turkish police until they’re called out to support a squad encountering trouble in a remote building.

Full Description

It’s an easy night on patrol for Arda, Remzi and the rest of their police unit: a bit of cards, a bit of football, a bit of barbecue. They could never know what to expect when summoned out to support another group of cops at a remote building. And by the time they realize what they’re facing it will be far, far too late.

One of the great pleasures of the film festival world is the opportunity to witness the development and emergence of a promising young talent. This is very much the case with young Turkish helmer Can Evrenol, several of whose shorts have screened at Fantastic Fest in the past, including the short film that provides the basis for this. Evrenol now returns to the festival for the US Premiere of his debut feature. And good god, what a feature.

Evrenol proves himself a master of mood and tone with BASKIN, meticulously crafting a sort of baroque puzzle box sure to provoke a visceral physical response in even the most jaded. While too many young hands are content to shock in the name of horror without ever reaching for true fear, Evrenol goes a step beyond. BASKIN is a film to dread, a film that slips deep into the psyche and uncovers the topography of hidden nightmares.

Less a film to be deconstructed and talked about than it is a film to be experienced – though there’s certainly plenty to deconstruct – BASKIN more than delivers on the promise of Evrenol’s short film work, bringing the young Turk to screens seemingly fully-formed as a new auteur of the horror world. (Todd Brown)

Guests in Attendance

Director Can Evrenol, Executive Producer Muge Buyuktalas and cast member Gorkem Kasal LIVE in attendance!