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2014 Film

Brief Summary

This debut gem from Eskil Vogt follows Ingrid who, having recently lost her sight, exists only in her apartment with her thoughts as a means of escape…

Full Description

Ingrid has recently lost her sight. She lives with her architect husband Morten in a beautiful apartment building, which she has trapped herself inside. Refusing to step outside, her only connections to the outside world are the dreams and fantasies with which she fills her days. These thoughts soon threaten to overthrow the comfortable cage Ingrid has put herself in and force her to look deeper inside herself for an answer for her problems.

Like ‘Vanishing Waves’ before it, ‘BLIND’ is a genre-defying attempt to harmonise the internal and the external - on one hand Ingrid, expertly played by Ellen Dorrit Petersen , is a highly isolated character - paranoid at times, highly elusive at others - and yet her astute understanding of the world around her acts as continious commentary on what the audience sees creating a sense of engagement which many other films lack. Add to this mix the entirely plausible characters which populate the world around her and what you get is a smart but engaging genre film which will appeal to anyone who is seeking something beyond the norm.

BLIND is a visual poem, a clever construct which is visually stunning and emotionally complex. Debut helmer Eskil Vogt creates a multi-layered world in which nothing is what it seems. The deeper Ingrid delves into her own thoughts, the more engaging and three-dimensional a visual world the audience encounters. Full of funny visual gags and hard-hitting emotional truths, BLIND is a film like no other - it taunts whilst it teases and amuses while it challenges.

See it, debate it and fall in love with it.(Evrim Ersoy)