2014 Film

Brief Summary

A unashamedly offensive bromance from the killer comedy team behind NEW KIDS TURBO and NEW KIDS NITRO.

Full Description

Max (Tim Haars) and Jules (Daniël Arends) are brothers from different mothers. Max and Jules make a promise to each other at a young age: never let a woman split them apart. Over time, the brothers grow from naive kids to irresponsible adults. Jules manages a grocery store while Max works in a video store. When they aren’t working, the pair revel in endless nights of drunken hook-ups and sexist games. One fateful day, Max meets Anna (Sylvia Hoecks), the woman of his dreams. Jules quickly hooks up with her, which sparks a war between the brothers over the affection of this special woman.

Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil are Fantastic Fest fixtures. The deadly directing duo are the sick minds behind festival favorites NEW KIDS TURBO and NEW KIDS NITRO. After taking the prize for best directors in the 2011 Gutbuster Comedy Features category, Haars and van der Kull return to Austin with their sickest comedy to date: BROs BEFORE HOs.

Here, the directors apply their politically incorrect style of humor to an unexpected format: the bromance. Although the format is different from NEW KIDS and the production values are arguably better, the humor has arguably gotten more aggro and offensive. No subject is taboo; race, sex, and disability are prime targets for the comedic onslaught. BROs BEFORE HOs is packed with enough explosively offensive humor to make the NEW KIDS films seem restrained. Haars and van der Kuil have made their biggest and slickest movie to date while also managing to raise the comedic bar. (Rodney Perkins)

Guests in Attendance

Steffen Haars (Director/Writer/Actor), Flip Van der Kuil (Director/Writer/Actor)