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2014 Film

Brief Summary

Dr Victor Reed finds himself in the middle of an ethical, legal and religious storm after conducting the first successful human cloning in this fiercely intelligent indie thriller.

Full Description

Dr Victor Reed has accomplished what many thought impossible, what many more thought criminal, and what still more thought deeply sinful and outside the proper scope of man: He has created another human being. Or, more accurately—though who really cares about accuracy in this world of 24 hour news cycles—he has cloned another human being. He has done so in secret, fearing the response that may follow if news were to leak out prematurely and without careful management. And when that does happen, the response is exactly what he wanted to avoid.

After a string of acclaimed short films, director Billy Senese steps into the feature world with a fiercely intelligent scientific thriller loaded with big ideas and challenging issues, fully expecting that audiences will keep up. While it may be too soon to call it a movement, Senese’s approach puts him in good company with recent efforts such as Zack Parker’s PROXY and Eron Sheean’s ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY as—if not a wave then at least a ripple—of filmmakers blurring genre conventions to challenge the increasingly murky and conflicted ethics of our polarized age.

Like the films mentioned above, the great strength of Senese’s work here lies in the fact that the fiction of his tale is not the science itself (which is perfectly plausible), while the interest is not showing off fancy technological innovations but in exploring how our current technological abilities impact—for lack of a better word—our souls. (Todd Brown)

Guests in Attendance

Billy Senese (Writer/Director/Executive Producer), Erika Senese (Executive Producer), Jonather Rogers (Editor/Producer), Jennifer Spriggs (Producer), Shelean Newman (Actor)