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2012 Film

Plays with Chilly

Brief Summary

CRAVE follows a mentally unstable crime scene photographer on his descent into violence and madness. CRAVE won the New Flesh Award for Best First Feature at the 2012 edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival.

Full Description

Director Charles de Lauzirika and actor Josh Lawson LIVE in attendane!

Aiden is a crime scene photographer who trolls the streets of Detroit in search of prime subjects with the help of a hardened homicide cop named Pete.  In addition to being obsessed with photos of dead women, Aiden is prone to perverse revenge fantasies. Despite his unhinged behavior, he stumbles into a tryst with his neighbor Virginia, who is on the rebound from a relationship with a dirtbag named Ravi.  As Aiden tries to keep his tenuous relationship with Emma alive, his delusions become more pronounced and he begins to act out his fantasies in the streets of Detroit.

CRAVE is an impressive first feature from Charles de Lauzirika, who cut his teeth directing and producing content for numerous DVDs such as BLADE RUNNER and ALIEN3. With CRAVE, Lauzirika turns his considerable skills to crafting a multi-layered, darkly humorous thriller. The screenplay is based on a story by Robert Lawton, and recalls a twisted mix of Chuck Palahniuk and Paul Schrader. Although there are numerous precedents for this kind of story, CRAVE molds these ideas into something fresh and original. In depicting Aiden's demented world view, CRAVE pierces the fourth wall numerous times, relies heavily on fractured internal dialogue, and deploys tricky tonal shifts.  Lauzirika pulls off this complex high-wire act with confidence and style. (Rodney Perkins)