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2014 Film

Brief Summary

A boy scout troop goes on a camping trip that they will never forget in this brutal, uncompromising horror film.

Full Description

Sam (Maurice Luijten) scrambles to meet his boy scout troop for their yearly camping trip. After everyone has arrived and things settle down, troop leaders Chris and Peter warn the kids that an intruder—a feral boy named Kai—has been seen lurking around the campsite. The story of Kai is just a tactic to frighten the kids and add some mystery to the outing. Upon arrival at the camp site—which is plagued by some obnoxious locals—Sam sees and hears things that make him believe that Kai is real. No one believes Sam, but the brutal reality behind myth of Kai soon becomes apparent to all of the disbelieving cubs.

Belgian director Jonas Govaerts is mainly known for his short films and television work. With his feature-length debut CUB, Govaerts establishes himself as one of the most promising talents in genre cinema. He and co-writer Roel Mondelaers merge two seemingly incompatible concepts—boy scout adventure and extreme horror—to create a film that enthusiastically embraces genre conventions while expanding them into interesting new directions.

The key to CUB’s success is an engaging and logical script, which boasts fleshed out characters, a strong narrative arc, an element of black humor and some rather clever visual and auditory genre references. All of these elements add up to what is unquestionably one of the best horror movies of 2014. (Rodney Perkins)

Guests in Attendance

Jonas Govaerts (Director), Maarten Janssens (Editor)