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2014 Film

Brief Summary

Things are a bit off in Virginia’s tiny village. Something dark is coming her way. And now she’s left alone with her sick cousin, unaware of the dangers around her.

Full Description

In an a old house in a tiny village, Virginia is left alone after her father leaves to check on his ill niece. That is, until her cousin Anabel, who also seems to be under the weather, is brought and left with her. Thankful for another person to talk to, Virginia makes every effort to keep Anabel comfortable and to bond with her. Anabel sleeps most of the day, and at night can be found wandering the woods alone. The radio reports a rabies outbreak in the remote region of Argentina where the women are holed up. In this perpetual shadow of impending doom, Virginia and her cousin are left to face the darkness of things to come.

DARKNESS BY DAY is a subtle film, quietly moving towards some unknown horror and never letting up on its atmosphere of isolation and utter dread. Every bump and gust of wind gets under the skin. Glimpses of some frightening future become far more shocking than any hidden creature could ever be.

Director Martín De Salvo has made a masterful horror film, but is ultimately more interested in the personal drama between the two women, exploring their spoken (and unspoken) history. Fortunately, actresses Mora Recalde and Romina Paula, who carry most of their film on their shoulders, are more than up to the task. It’s a beautiful exploration of that feeling of not-quite-right, and it exists in a time and place where things are on the brink of a secret best left unspoiled. (Brian Kelley)