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2014 Film

Brief Summary

Some have called The Kingdom of Little People the most offensive theme park in the world. DWARVES KINGDOM takes us inside to meet its performer residents.

Full Description

A quick Google search will reveal several websites calling The Kingdom of Little People one of the world’s “most offensive” theme parks. The park, located in China, is home to over a hundred performers, all of whom have dwarfism and put on elaborate shows for snapshot-happy tourists. Director Matthew Salton takes his cameras to China to meet with the people living here, as well as with the park’s creator and manager, to get a real feel about how those that actually rely on the park for their livelihood feel about the potentially exploitative attraction.

DWARVES KINGDOM takes us inside a rare spot, one most people will only ever gawk at on internet lists, and puts real human faces to a place that is almost hard to believe exists. One resident is very aware of the Kingdom’s potential to be seen as a human zoo while its CEO, talking through a smarmy smile, insists his business is based solely on philanthropy. While we can all understand the curious draw of little people, it’s hard not to be fascinated by a place built just to allow people to come watch. DWARVES KINGDOM is touching, sometimes funny and—just the way we like them at Fantastic Fest—frequently uncomfortable. (Brian Kelley)


Guests in Attendance

Matthew Salton (Writer/Director), Verna Hsu (Associate Producer)