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2013 Film

Brief Summary

A family vacation at the happiest place on Earth devolves into a hellish nightmare.

Full Description

Writer/Director Randy Moore, Actor Roy Abramsohn, and Cinematopgrapher Lucas Lee Graham LIVE in attendance!

Jim (Roy Abramsohn) and Emily (Elena Schuber) are on the final day of a family theme park vacation. Jim gets an early morning phone call from work—he has been fired. Instead of cutting the vacation short, he doesn't say a word and goes about his day. While hanging out at a pool with his family, Jim becomes obsessed with two teenaged French girls (Danielle Safady and Annet Mahendru). Later, he starts following these girls through the park. This ill-advised decision sets off a grand adventure that exposes Jim to the dark underbelly of the corporate entertainment complex.

ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW was, in part, clandestinely filmed at some of America's most popular theme parks (guess which ones). Through a mix of clever staging and meticulous planning, director Randy Moore transforms a guerrilla shoot into a gorgeous black-and-white film full of haunting imagery and biting social commentary. The locations are tightly integrated into the story, turning the sterile theme park environs into a surreal world full of danger and menace. Much of the public attention surrounding ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW has focused on the methods by which it was made. This controversy misses the larger point: ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW is a truly daring and original work that transcends the techniques used to create it. (Rodney Perkins)