2014 Film

Brief Summary

Salma Hayek stars as a tough yet vulnerable woman who must fight her way through a gauntlet of assassins in this fist-pumping action thriller.

Full Description

It’s Christmas time, but all is not well in the world of Everly (Salma Hayek). A call girl by trade, Everly has turned against her gangster boss Taiko (Hiroyuki Watanabe) and become a police informant. In response, Taiko has put out a hit on Everly and her family. Soon, every criminal in town wants to cash in. Everly’s survival instincts quickly kick in as she matches wits and firepower with Taiko and a seemingly endless stream of killers.

Joe Lynch is best known as the director of films such as WRONG TURN 2 and KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM. With EVERLY, Lynch—working from a screenplay by Yale Hannon—sets off in a very different direction from his prior works. Displaying a diverse array of influences—particularly the cinema of Takashi Miike—he delivers a stylish pulpy action film with a massive body count and a whole lot of black humor. EVERLY mostly takes place within the confines of the titular character’s apartment but the film never seems constrained by physical space. Instead, it unfolds at a relentless pace as Lynch unleashes surprise after violent surprise upon the viewer.

Salma Hayek dominates the screen with an intense physical performance that makes one wonder why she isn’t cast as a lead in more action movies. In addition to meeting the physical demands of the role, Hayek brings serious pathos and sympathy to the film’s heroine. EVERLY is a furious dose of fist-pumping action that will leave the audience cheering. (Rodney Perkins)

Guests in Attendance

Joe Lynch (Co-Writer/Director), Adam Ripp (Producer), Luke Rivett (Producer), Ricky Budhani (Executive Producer), Brett Hedblom (Co-Producer), Andrew Pfeffer (Producer)