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2014 Film

Brief Summary

A young artist loses herself in an unpredictable alter ego while attempting to cope with past trauma in this gripping sophomore effort from the creator of TOAD ROAD.

Full Description

Amy is coming unglued. A young woman working a nothing job to finance her artistic endeavors, she has been plagued by nightmares for god knows how long; vivid and horrible things that plunge her into past trauma. Her only outlet is the increasingly outrageous artistic project and alter egos that may very well isolate Amy from her few remaining friends, but at least they also provide some distance from the pain. Then Amy meets Kenny, who’s kind and gentle and understanding, and for a moment, it appears as though life could get better.

A gifted cinematographer who has shot for Jonathan Caouette and Adrian Grenier, Jason Banker burst onto the director scene in 2012 with his debut feature TOAD ROAD. It was immediately obvious that Banker was a unique voice. Heavily employing documentary and improvisational techniques, Banker’s work defies easy categorization on many levels, resisting easy genre and style labels. In another time, he may have been tempted to sign on with the Dogme 95 crew by Banker’s work is more cinematic than Von Trier’s protest movement, with which it shares an emphasis on capturing the truth and essence of the characters and story.

With FELT, Banker proves that TOAD ROAD was no fluke. Banker maintains his fluid balance between intensely uncomfortable intimacy and cinematic flourish, drawing startlingly raw and vulnerable performances from Amy Everson—with whom he developed the story—and Kentucker Audley. We’re witnessing the emergence of a major talent here, and while it’s hard to say where his road will lead him, it’s going to be a fascinating journey.(Todd Brown)

Guests in Attendance

Jason Banker (Co-Writer/Director), Amy Everson (Actress), Kentucker Audley (Actor), Roxanne Knouse (Actor)