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2014 Film

Brief Summary

The director of TAXIDERMIA returns with seven stories of the mundanely bizarre.

Full Description

There is quite simply nobody on the face of the planet who makes movies like Hungary’s Gyorgy Palfi. Not even close. After a forced foray into low budget experimental films following the collapse of the Hungarian funding system shortly following the release of his absolutely astounding TAXIDERMIA (not the film’s fault, it should be said), he returns to his signature style with the fabulous FREE FALL.

His new feature blends a resolute sense of dry realism with a gift for bizarre imagery and a strikingly dry sense of humor to craft a wickedly wry satire of life in the modern age. Our guide throughout is an elderly woman, so nattered at by her demanding husband that she throws herself from the roof of their apartment complex. She doesn’t die, of course, because old Eastern European women are indestructible and faced with this incontrovertible fact there is nothing left for her to do but make her way back to her home (and irritating husband) while glimpsing snapshots of her neighbors’ lives as she passes.

A winner of multiple awards at the prestigious Karlovy Vary festival—including Best Director for Palfi—we won’t deprive you of the pleasure that comes from discovering the individual stories within FREE FALL for yourself, but know this: This film contains at least two of the most outrageous sequences you will experience in the entire festival, and is shot through with images that you will never, ever be able to unsee. Strap yourself in for something weird and wonderful. (Todd Brown)